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Thank you for accepting me. I have practiced. Done ok but have only done only on myself. I can do both hands. And have only practiced on myself. I can draw like crazy even after my stroke and wood burn. So now just catching back into it.


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For this one I used as follows:

Mario Barth gold label lining black.

Intenze Zuper black

New image black ( cut down ) for shading.

Intenze cherry bomb red ( cut down )

Bloodline skin candy white boy

7rl flux

8rs flux textured

13 soft mag .flux .textured

Sharpz t dial for shading

Sharpz hybrid for colour packing

Shercliff for lining


Thanks for the add 

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Just did this for a friend..

I used as follows:

Mario Barth lining black

New image black ...cut down

9rl .... flux ..... textured

13 soft mag .... flux ... textured

Shercliff liner

Sharpz t dial shader

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How is this?

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Wee one I just did

I used:

5 mag

Intenze Zuper tripple black
Moms viper red
Moms piss yellow
Moms danger zone orange

Sharpz hybrid
Sharpz t dial
Humming bird 

Thanks for adding me. I'd like to learn more from you

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Wee one I just did for a friend

7rl ( flux ) with a hummingbird
7rs ( sabre ) with sharpz hybrid
11 ( black panther ) curved mag with sharpz t dial 
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Thank you so much for this page!
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