* THUMPER HAS BEEN FOUND!!! * Thank you to Matt and Nathan for capturing our little escape artist! Thumper came home in good health at 11:30 PM Wednesday night. Thanks to the Oakmore community for your attention and all of the hopeful messages and well wishes I received in support of my quest to find this cat! My special thanks to Rocky's, Red Boy Pizza, and 3 Seasons Thai for posting my 'Lost Cat' flyers. Cheers! Kara Winter

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Hello to my Oakmore neighbors! I'm not spamming your community site - I've lost my cat and an am asking for your assistance. On Saturday evening I was shopping at Rocky's Market and my cat got out of his carrier and was able to escape from the car. His name is Thumper (but it should probably be Houdini!). Thumper is a great cat and my closest friend. Despite hours of searching on Saturday evening and Sunday AM, with all this rain I fear he is hunkered down somewhere waiting for the weather to pass. Please read the attached flyer and forward it to all Oakmore cat lovers and/or anyone you think may have interest. I would really appreciate it if the Oakmore community would keep an eye out for Thumper. Reward offered. Sincerely, Kara Winter (510.552.4241)

Oakmore.org announcement

I have moved oakmore.org to this G+ community site, as I noticed little web traffic to the old page.  My hope was for all of us to communicate more, and Oakmore.org was not great for facilitating that.  I hope this site will be more useful, and will encourage more interaction.  Please keep in mind this community is public, so private conversations should be avoided.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know.

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Reminder to Zone 2 neighbors (Oak Crest. Bywood, Leimert), there's a private community for us here:  https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/117061097254849739125

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Might someone know more about the event planned for Rocky's parking lot this coming Sunday?

Who's in charge here?

Well, this is really for all the residents of Oakmore, so while I set it up, you're in charge.  We'd love to have volunteers who'd like to also be admins to help approve new folks and answer any questions.  If you're interested, please + me into a message, and I'll get in touch.

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I'd like to get a list of my fellow "Zone 2" neighborhood group into a private (not publicly visible) so that we can openly discuss issues related to safety/crime/etc in a forum that is only visible to us.  If you're interested in this, and you're a zone 2 person, please email me from my Google+ profile (located here:  https://plus.google.com/102746638190399040597).

Please encourage more folks to join in the discussion!


Thanks for joining Oakmore's Google+ community.  Please feel free to explore, start posting, and make any suggestions you have.  I hope to meet more of you all as time goes on.
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