EVO ANNOUNCEMENT: 8 GAMES ON THE ROSTER!!! Amazing!! Back to the old skool Evo2k status of 8 games. SF4, Tag2, UMvC3, PS4, KOF13, MK9, SFxT & a Donation drive Player pic 8th? Evo will be MADNESS this YEAR!!!! www.evo.shoryuken.com

www.dojosports.com/schedule The Full Season Schedule is up!!!!

Player Substitution during Team Round Robin Play!!!!! That is right, each Captain has the option to make Strategic calls to have a sort of a "pinch fighter" to save the day or to counter another player!!!! Check out the Team League Format & Rules at www.dojosports.com/team-league-format

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www.dojosports.com Eventhubs is doing full coverage on the new 5v5 Virtual Martial Arts League!!! Season 1 Opens with SF4 and UMvC3 at 1pm & 4pm! Tune in!!!!
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