Version introduced a little bug the which prevented the snooze feature to operate on android <= 6. I just published version that corrects this issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.
It would be great if members from this community reported issues that there are having while the app is still in beta stage.

With the latest update I can no longer snooze reminders. I open the notification bar dialog box, input 6, select hours and hit set and then nothing happens. It just stays in the notification bar.


Does anyboby have an issue with the current beta version? (
Otherwise I will start pushing it out of beta
Thanks for your feedback

I am thinking about porting LR to iOS!
I should be able to port most features except the auto SMS feature.
would there be some people interested in being earl testers of the app?

My problem with Life Reminders open on my screen is driving me nuts.
The phone doesn't have to be charging, just asleep.
Close Toaster on Lockscreen, unlock phone and there is Life Reminders open.

Seriously, it's been happening for some time and reported down below.
This isn't meant as a threat but I'm looking for another app, because to close a toaster notification and the app and sometimes even the notification in the status bar is ridiculous.

OK, I'll have another go at this problem driving me mad.
Phone is charging, goes to sleep. Up comes a reminder. I press the Done button to dismiss.
Later, phone is charged, I awake from sleep, type in PIN etc. and am greeted by Life Reminders app open at the Active page.
Display pop-up over the lock screen is on, as is Turn on screen and Notification Pop-up.
OS is stock Nougat 7.0.
Version is

Hi, publish new beta ( it adds repeat from time option to the previous beta version

hi, any feedback about the beta version (

Hi, a new beta ( has been released it adds a few interesting features, try it out and send me your feedback.
Here is a list of the main changes:
- NEW: Repeat from dismiss date
- NEW: Repeat every n day of month (ex: 3rd Friday)
- FIX: Some contacts are doubled in selection for SMS
- FIX: Restore backup mixes categories (in some cases)

Waiting for your feedback
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When I get a reminder display on the screen, the app opens behind it. I have to press Done and close the app. Most annoying.
I don't have notification pop-up enabled, not ongoing, heads-up, group - in fact any of the "Other options" in "Notification preferences".
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