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Is anyone out there using a Telestream Vantage transcoding system to 
produce AVC encodes for BD? So far as I can tell, the system should be 
capable of everything necessary, and I'm guessing the quality of the 
encodes would likely come out better than my Sonic Cinevision system. 
But it's too easy to create illegal files for me to just jump right in.

I'm not even sure how to know for sure that I've got a legal file. If 
Scenarist BD accepts the file, does that mean all the parameters in the 
MPEG 4 wrapper are legal? What are the parameters of the wrapper that I 
need to look out for? I'm so used to using Cinevision encodes I don't 
even know what spec is.

Hey all,

Got a client asking if it's possible to do Picture in Picture on an HDMV 
disc. I know I've never done it and I'm pretty sure every time I've ever 
seen it done was with BD-J, so I ask you all, is it possible for me to 
do with Scenarist HDMV? And if it is, what would be the limitations?

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Hey List members!
Glad so many of you are still following this List, stunning after all these years. :-)
I happen to have a real 'old time' DVD question for you.
This is what is happening:
We received a dozen HDCAM SR 1080p24 (yes, physical format still here) with classic movies in 4/3 with pilar boxes (4/3 in 16/9 window).
I have to author DVD and Blu-ray discs for a classic collection.
For Blu-ray there seem to be no question about it: I have to keep it as 16/9 with pilar boxes.
Or do you know a better way to encode 4/3 in Blu-ray?
For DVD I'm almost convinced the proper way to do it is to crop the pilar box off and encode the movies in fullframe 4/3 to avoid the 16/9 to 720 (PAL) stretch, thus having annoying pilar boxes AND stretching the result degrading the general quality of the 'useful' content.
My client on the other hand is not convinced and thinks it may be better to keep it in 16/9 pilar box as is on HDCAM SR tapes.
We are discussing it actively.
Any thoughts from long time authors in this particular case?
Any input welcome. :-)

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BD-ROM directory and file names

Hello Blu-ray authors,
Just received this warning message from a replication plant for two recent titles I authored with Scenarist BD:
*BD-ROM directory and file names should not contain space characters The Blu-ray Video specifications strongly discourage the use of space 
characters in directory and file names. In order to maintain compatibility, the Blu-ray Video General Authoring 
Recommendations strongly recommend the use of filenames which do not contain spaces. Although there are no reports of playability problems, this condition is considered an ERROR.
This condition is generated during the authoring of the image.
We need your approval to continue.

My colleagues tell me that we already had produced discs from masters with 
the same error and there were no complaints.
However, the risk is yours, so we need to make you aware.*

Anyone ever experienced playability problems?
Anyone using space characters for almost every project without any 
Anyone involved in BD spec could shine a light on this?
Comments and advices welcome.

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