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(Closed for +Deadpool Stormtrooper)

I work at a large company owned by you. I do tease you sometimes, but you go through it anyway. One night you ask me to go to your office, so that you can get me back for all the teasing I did to you.

Me: You wanted to see me sir?

[Sorry if it sucked, by the way the picture is suppose to be me in the roleplay]

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Name: Blake
Age: 19
Sex: male
Sexuality: straight
Likes: beautiful girls
Dislikes: boys who abbuse girls

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I wanna do a rp. I gained inspiration from Ladykiller In A Bind ( I will be roleplaying as a male. I thinking of a BDSM roleplay. I need a dominant person (male or female).

If you want me to be a female instead, sure. ^.^
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You were my sexy sister. I had wanted to sleep with you for awhile. One night, I snuck into your room. While you slept, I pulled your pants down and pushed my cock into your pussy. I began to fuck you and you woke up

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Wanna do an rp like this or something?

PM or private post?

Anyone interested in this kind of rp?
[yaoi rp. Also is a kidnap, force feeding sexual rp]

A young male (a scientist, a perv) becomes interested in a certain boy. However, he worried some girl might take him away. To solve this, he kidnaps the boy. He planned on several goals; to stuff the boy so much that people won't like him, perform experiments on the oy, and even do sexual things. And the kidnapped boy has no escape.

I'll be the uke (the boy who is kidnapped). I need a seme.

I wish to do a vampire x human (male or female). The human will be me, and I need someone to be the vampire. The next paragraph will be the story summary. Please have decent grammar, and have 2 sentences or more per line. I'll send pics of the human (depending on their gender) soon.

A human had gotten lost in a forest. Just then, a male vampire guides them to his manor and he hypnotized the human; the human thought of the vampire as their lover and master. (If the human is female, her body would change; her breasts get larger, and her means of sexual developing fast.)

[I'll pm you the starter]

Any ladies want to sex rp?

Any ladies up for some late night sexual rp?

It has been awhile, but any ladies up for sexual rp?
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