Ok guys, have DM Minion 4E on my tablet, but I'd like ot print hard copies of monsters, encounters etc... Am I missing how to do this, or is there no function for that yet. 

Love the DM Minion PF.  But I'm having a few issues and I wasn't sure if it was just me.  When developing the characters, I cannot add anying into the "effect" portion.  Every time I do, save and come back it says 'null'.

Hey guys I've been noticing a few things after the last update when running encounters.

When I start an encounter some of the enemies have conditions added that aren't in their stat bloc or imputed by me. They always seem to be a resistance and a weakness set to zero. 

In the encounter designer when you are making or editing an encounter the Name, Treasure Notes and Encounter notes can only be entered as a single line. You can't add a line or do any kind of multi-line editing.

The die roller randomly opens when I tilt my tablet or tap it too hard.

Not really an issue but could you add some space between the +/-HS buttons and the +/-HP buttons. different colors would help also. 

Keep up the great work, James M.

Hey are you planing on doing a PF player minion? 
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