Why I believe we can't find E.T. life on other planets...Well we can but we must rise our personal vibratory states of consciousness. I believe that each planet in our solar system and in the universe contains it's own personal vibrational range which tends to be higher than Earths own vibration so for that reason there. These beings are invisible to us because they exist on different vibrational planes. Only when they slip out of their own vibration do they become visible to humans. If you want to make contact. Raise your vibration people. Everything is made up of vibrations, if it wasn't nothing would exist at all, it is the cosmic hum. Learn to find your hum and raise it.

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My name is Jesse Lee Alexander, I believe in the existence in Extraterrestrial life elsewhere in the universe.

My cause is to help raise awareness to the E.T. presence that has been kept secret world wide since at least the fifties. My goal is to get into friendly diplomatic relations with extraterrestrial beings so that together we may work to bring Earth forward in the universe, as a pollution free and energy free world, to move off fossil fuels and help humanity evolve into a peaceful world where war is no more, and we can have peaceful universal relations with our cosmic neighbors.

The money raised through the funds by the people will go toward creating The Exopolitical Party of Intergalactic Relations.

I ask personally on behalf of the people of the world that they donate whatever they can to help provide for this party and make contact between cosmic neighbors possible and friendly, it has become apparent that the governments of the world cannot be trusted to do so as they will use alien technology for non peaceful uses. It is up to the citizens to take contact and friendly relations into our own hands.

I really do believe that it is time for the world to see a revolution, better yet a new renaissance through science driven economy based on eco-friendly and free energy technologies and I believe through public help that we can achieve this goal if we work together. The question of are we alone in the universe is undoubtably "No" we have been and continue to be visited by E.T. beings all the time, lets show them a peaceful welcoming party so that we may work toward a better tomorrow and end the power of the Military Industrial Complex.

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