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Name: Silver Valor (No, he's not Silver)

Age: 14 (But looks like the age of Silver)

Species: Hedgehog

Forms: Hedgehog, angel, robot, etc

Gender: Male

Likes: Everything good

Dislikes: Everything bad


Friends: Jesus, and Red

Mother: Cloud Valor

Father: Shadow Valor (No he's not Shadow, lol.)

Birthday: 5/1/20, 7:55 AM

Funny quote: "May the first be with you." (It's a joke about his birthday, lol)

Fears/Weaknesses: Red dying, being lonely

Personality: Mysterious (Normally), sad (Sometimes), happy (sometimes), loving (Normally), calm (Sometimes)

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Roboticized Reese
Name: Reese Woman
Job: destroy Sonic, collect all seven chaos emeralds and destroy anyone who stand in her way
Gender: girl/woman
How did Reese was captured: kidnapped Reese while she's asleep
Why did Reese got captured : she got captured because Dr. Eggman and Dr. Willy wanted to use her powerful powers for evil
Age: 14

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Name: king zero
Power: Zeus and hades (has a hack,RPG,drone hacker arm)
Weapon: sniper
Agent name: white storm
Age: unknown
Gender: male
Sexually: bisexual
(Profile pic: 3rd)
Children: +little kitty the Hedgehog and +the unknown luke 
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Name x
 Age 50
 Gender male
 Why you fight: for his friends  
 Bio: x is a unknown ninja and Luke's master

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as echo gets up in a lab he sees that he is going to be tested on by +Jersyl Nucleare Crow The Hedgehog
echo: not you 

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in the lab zone anb blackcat takes me in
zone: what to do with him sir
+DJ. King zero the Light 
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hoot is sleeping on a tree at a village when you wake him up and tell him to get out of there the robots are coming

((Open rp))

ummmmmm is anyone here a good drawer, i need someone to draw a robticzed master version of my oc......

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zero gets up and he see +Jersyl Nucleare Crow The Hedgehog
zero: who are you
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