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Delimapoker Situs poker Online
Link Altif Delimapoker

8 Game Dalam 1 ID
1. Play Poker.
2. Bandar Poker.
3. Adu Q
4. Bandar Q.
5. Domino 99.
6. Capsa Susun
7. Sakong
8. Bandar66 (New Game)

Informasi Kontak
BBM : E3DC80C8
WA : +66 63-159-3421

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Dear Friends,

Come and join our 75 Minute Magical Healing Sound-Bath. Raise your vibration and let your precious light shine. Be your authentic True Self – and the manifestation to come will server you well whilst I play beautiful custom made 432hz Rainbow Crystal Bowls, Nepalese Gong, Didgeridoo, Amazonian Rattle and other instruments. And that will facilitate to travel into deep state of relaxation, calmness, bliss and personal insight.
Expect Highest blessings & Miracle Manifestations!

Everybody Welcome!

Abundant Peace& Blessings,
- I See you Happy, Healthy, Peaceful & Prosperous

Activates Self-Healing
Endorphin Release
Joint & Muscle Pain
Stress & Anxiety
Back Pain
Heart Problem
Deep Trauma
Chronic Illness
Emotional Disorders
Aura Cleansing
Please bring:
- yoga mat (or blanket to lie on)
- eye mask (something to cover your eyes)
- blanket to stay warm and feel free to bring your crystal or candels to burn
- anything else to be comfortable, e.g. pillow or bolster

Sound Healing specifically meets you where you are. The sounds of crystal singing bowls have been scientifically proven to put our brains into an Alpha-wave state, which is wakeful relaxation as well as opening us to more creativity. The healing power of sound is that it can carry us into these deeply meditative states where all kind of wonders can take place. Many people upon experiencing the sounds of crystal singing bowls paired with gong and other instruments attest that they have their first spiritual experience.

“Natural forces within us are the healers of disease.” – Hippocrates

Have questions about Meditation - Self Discovery - Crystal Singing Bowl/Gong Sound Bath Healing? Contact Sandhya Mantha
Events – Rainbow Healing
Events – Rainbow Healing

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Businesses and #websites will slowly be ranked on these holistic factors, especially with the advent of semantic search and AI. #Searchengines will practically know what we are looking for – intuition will be a huge factor.

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