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Certified Farmer's list as of now until update.

All farmers must abide these rules

No free farming for friends

Do not accept accounts for services (unless you're positive that you can sell them elsewhere)

Farmers do have the right to withold your account if you do not pay, that isn't a scam, not even remotely close to a scam (farmers) do not keep the account for personal gain, and will not try to trade or sell else where.

Prices do not change for farmers who only accept paypal

LR medal farming - $20 (androids - $10)
Battlefield farming - $5
Rank farming - $3 per every 10 ranks
Medal farming - $4
Incredible Gem farming - $7
SA farming - $3
Boss Rush - $5
DS farming - Varies ask Farmer, some may charge some may not.

You need story to farm DS, there are no glitches used to obtain DS

Each farmer isn't required to donate out of their personal earning but it is appericated to keep the mods up and running.

Please post who you farmed for with a screen shot and have them tag your name for more trust within the dokkan communities, this is to ensure your reputation and keep you in business.

+Birdman​​​ - PP

+Koga Dawn​​​​​​​​ - PP

+Dbz Nation​​​​​​​​ - GPC only

+King Akuma​​​​​​​​ - Ask

+MEKONIS​​​​​​​​ - GPC only

+Ignis Vitae​ - Ask

+StarBurstX5934​ - Ask

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If u need a mm im right here

If u need a mm im here

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Willing to buy a global account only I'll send u the card information and open it once the account is in my hand and I know your legit
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Looking to trade GLOBAL ONLY
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again transition to the barrier state 
by selectively well deathblow !! other than the spirit spheres system is in mortal work !! absorption state of the gas-bullet system is the barrier state "super trying to win the fight against No. 17 "!! 
● round information-1 round eyes [Kyokusoku attribute] [Gokuwaza attribute] [Gokuchi attribute] [polar body attribute]-second race [Kyokusoku attribute] [Gokuchi attribute] - three races eyes [Kyokusoku attribute] ※ this time of super fierce battle is difficulty "Z-HARD" also fight up to three races eyes. 
Stay tuned !! to a new "super battleground" event 
in ※ the next update, we have a plan to carry out the classification of the gas bombs system deathblow. If the event content and holding period is subject to change without notice. Therefore there ※, please note. 
Thank you "Dragon Ball Z Dokkan battle" in the future.
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He's not certified, if you choose to do business with this individual it's at your own risk
I'm starting a farming business I and possibly some friends (are trusted) will farm 50 or more stones for you for $15-$20 dollars iTunes or google play (picture for attention)

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*Rainbow Gem Farming $5 per 15 Gems

Level Farming $3 per 10 Levels

Evo Farming $4 (varies)*

More will be added later, most likely will have a mod finish where I left off
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