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This is a community and anything is allowed but no bullying so have fun and share the community

(im a female) If anyone wants to trade nudie pics, hangouts me! GIRLS ONLY

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So, I'm not gonna add meaningless fluff to this like usual. Would anyone like to rp? But I did add pictures to catch attention.

My Rules (and other shit)!

3+ minimum, but 4-5+ is preferable. So in essence, be descriptive (usually if I'm not reaching this amount I either am not enjoying it, or am not getting enough to work with.)

Please be able to write a decently proper sentence.

Please know how to format responses. I hate reading unformatted replies.

I will not do any form of Male on Male, or Futa on Male.

Everything gets planned out in a PP. If you have any questions, ask it in there. I can usually have one up in 30 seconds.

Also, I enjoy people who rp in the third person.

And finally, I'm picky. So don't get pissed at me if I abandon, I know I'm a picky bastard. This isn't a niche market so finding a new rp partner isn't hard.

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I'm looking for an awesome gangbang role-play, anyone interested?

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Any available mistresses out there?

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*When you're in highschool and are trying to earn some money, it proves to be a difficult thing to do. Especially when you're doing a job that could jeopardize your entire school social life....*

Sadly, that was the case for Hibari. At school, she was known as the smartest and most responsible student. She was heavily praised for the help she provided not only the students, but the teachers too. However, she had a secret. That secret is that she works at an underground maid cafe. It wasn't the regular kind though. The more sexual kind of cafe, where the girls got paid not only for serving the food, but servicing the customers.

Today, you decided to head to that cafe for a little fun. Who knew that you would run into Hibari? You sat down at one of the tables and waited for one of the girls to come over. Hibari stood next to you and said "Welcome master...Would you like to have some food, or maybe you would like to have me first?"

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I was single doctor who owned the local hospital. I performed multiple surgeries causing me to be one of the richest men in the state. You were my patient who was housewife of upper middle class man who barely even touched you. You were scheduled for hip surgery and rumors said after someone was done with my surgery they would feel no pain getting up or moving.

So you decided to give me a try and the surgery took 30 minutes. Once I was finished you got up as if there was nothing wrong to begin with. You looked at me with a sluty face and like magnets we started making out. The started removing each other's clothes and then you...

((Female needed))
((Just be sexual active Dom or Sub is not required))
((Be descriptive and no text talk))
((1 line))
((Long/Short term choices:
Long term: Ongoing affair behind your husband's back. It can lead him to find out and a divorce or him never finding out.
Short term: Just that one surgery.))

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Anyone want to RP?
I was invited to a party that would last all spring break. I was suprised I was invited to begin and I wasn't intending on going. When I arrived the entire place was filled with alcohol and music. The only thing I drank was water not wanting to get in trouble if the Cops came.

Later I began part of a group of people playing spin the bottle but in this who the bottle was pointing to we had to have sex with them. When my turn came the bottle landed to you my middle school crush. We were tossed in a room and the door was locked from the outside so we couldn't get out if we tried. And then you...

((Dom or Sub doesn't matter))
((Female needed))
((1or more lines))
((Be descriptive and no text talk))
((Short term))
((We're both Juniors in High School))

I'm looking for female to roleplay with

(Girls are wanted to roleplay as Alice , Romantic roleplay, smut, Futanari, pegging)

Alice is a futanari lesbian, she was into girls so much and so obsessed with their butts and body too, she even had fun many fun time with them and were enjoying this so much, she wasn't into guys at all and she was thinking of them as being losers, but She only had one close male friend back then which was Max, A straight one, she was taller than him though, he was in a relationship with another girl. They meet together one time, Max was so sad that his GF broke up with him for a girl she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, of course Alice was a nice friend of him and was trying to cheer him up, he later unintentionally dropped my phone and bent down to grab it back, his butt was so prominent to her point of view, That was her point of change of her life. The butt she just so for few moments there was so amazingly perfect. She was thinking of it a lot even after they went off, thinking of it all the time that every time she just thinks of it, she gets an erection, nothing else feels good anymore, not even the sexiest girls she has, neither having sex with them didn't satisfy her at all, all she was dreaming off is to be with him, having him for herself only, He was handsome as well but she didn't appreciate it till after the point of change too, she wanted him so bad that the other day she just went for him to get him, now I'm they are together and they were in a great relationship together

A girl is wanted to rp as Alice as This RP will be held after 6 months from she having him as her bf, her passion to him was only growing stronger as well as their bond. All she see now in this world is him and nothing else attracts her as much as well, except his butt ;P

If any girl is interested please let me know :)
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