Do anyone knows, dark flat Mixxx Themes. There are so less shared themes out there

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mixxx pour la boum de fin de colonie de vacances
B.P.C ravi d'amuser les enfants venus de toute la France à Marseille
B.P.C réalise son 1er mix pour la Mondial évasion avec succès ...
merci a tout les complices de cet événement

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I notice Mixxx isn't yet supported in Ubuntu 16.04 - when will it?

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Mixxx 2.0 is here!
It's finally here! Mixxx 2.0 — the culmination of over a decade of work by hundreds of DJs, artists, and software engineers — is now ready to help you DJ your way.

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Hercules DJ Control Steel - E-Tek.Biz - May 2nd Hand  - Mixxx

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Hey Mixxxers -- check out 1.12 beta!
You’ve done a lot in the past two years. So have we. Mixxx 1.12 Beta available NOW.

Hello (other) mixxx users !
I'm working on a mapping for Novation Launchpad Mini, which I will use as a side controller for my AA VMS4.1
So I would like to get some feedback what would you like to have on this mapping ? 
So far what I have done:
 - Letter col. is for changing virtual pages, so we get 8x8x8 virtual buttons (pretty cool)
 - "A" page is for hotcues and looping
 - "B" page is for seeking
 - "H" page is for "navigation" so steping between tracks / lists + load buttons

All of these are "clever" controls, with real feedback from Mixxx, so if I setup a hotcue on other controller given button will light up too.
I added a Zoom +/- which is changing all of the waveforms in the same time (I dont see a good reason to do it one by one)

And of course I added a shift button too just to extend that 8x8x8 buttons with secondary function :) Preatty nice hardware to generate endless button press combinations :)

As soon as I'm done and got my job pulled into mixxx ( which I hope will happen) I will shot a short demo video and share... 
so in this stage now I'm just looking for cool ideas to put into it :)

Thanks for the help !

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+DJ TechTools did a nice writeup about how to throw together a pro DVS setup on a budget using +Mixxx DJ Software.

Hi Devs!

1.11 is of course fully working, but there were so much good ideas for improvement. But. Is there anything we – the users – could do about supporting development? Cheering? Money? Coffee? Beer? ;)

I'd really like mixxx beeing the best dj-system in the world, but it seems that development somehow…stalled. Or am i wrong?
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