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Hey All, last year I won a $1000 scholarship to attend the CSTA conference by making a simple 10 second video. If you're interested in this, sign up online to receive the emails and you might go for free, too! It was super easy!

Yesterday, when we were filling out that survey my brain was fried. I was thinking I did not truly express how grateful I am to you two.

Amy and Gary you were wonderful facilitators! No one likes to give up one Saturday, let alone four but, you made it worthwhile. I came away feeling more confident and ready to tackle new material, some of it I had never seen before. Your support, guidance, and enthusiasm has helped me roll out CS Discoveries to over 160 students at my school this year. Good luck with your next group of teachers this summer!

Hey All, I am not going to be able to attend the meeting on Saturday. :( Hope you all have fun without me! Unfortunately, I don't think I'll ever get to Units 4 & 5 anyway!

Hey ladies and gents... I have the flu and being xrayed for pneumonia. I am not trying to share my wealth with others. Hope you have a great experience. I'd rather be there with you than fighting this nastiness.

Thank you for the invite!

We have the BEST facilitators!
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