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World Water Day
Mazhapolima is a community based well-recharge program started in Kerala in 2008 by Mr. Kurian Baby to contribute towards enhanced health and welfare of the community through improved access to drinking water.
It uses rooftop rainwater harvesting to recharge the wells.

The basic model is:
Set up a way to catch the water coming off of the roof (in most cases this is a gutter system).
Then pipe the water through a simple filter (nylon or sand filter)
Finally the water is routed into a nearby well.

People receiving this system only need to clean off their roof before the start of the monsoon season to keep leaves and dirt from clogging the system, as well as cleaning out the filter, and they’re ready to harvest all that free water.  It is also highly recommended that a fine net is placed over the well to keep leaves from falling into the water and to keep mosquitos from breeding in the water.  Other than these few things the system is basically maintenance free.


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