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||Rules|| (yes, that quickly)
No spam
No arguing
No cussing/swearing
You can't have five or more powers/ abilities/ magics
If you see a closed rp and you want to join and its not closed by you, please ask them if you can join
If you don't have a oc and your already rping, that will cause you to have a warning, you HAVE to post your oc
No asking to be owner or mod (this will also cause a warning)
No stealing OC's pic
No inappropriate stuff
The rp may be romantic, not too much though
You can't rp as your oc has a crush on
Must follow by what your oc has a crush on
Ask to be a cannon character if you want to be one
You can only have ONE crush ((srry ;-;))
Please don't ask to be a main character
Limited powers/abilities/ magics is 4
You can't be a extra Ro'Meave unless I let you

||What will cause you to have a warning||
Asking to be owner or mod
Not having a oc and is already rping (meaning, you HAVE to post your oc)
Not asking to be a Worrier
Having more that four powers/abilities/ magics
You can't be lord of the nether (if your shad and you asked to be shad, then yes, you can)
Not following by the rules
Not asking to be a cannon character and already posted a cannon character
Asking to be a main character


Hair color:
Eye color:
Power(s) (limited to 4):
Ability(s) (limited to 4):
Magic(s) (limited to 4):
Species (shadow Knight, mie'fua, witch, etc):
Weapon(s) (limited to 5):
Crush (limited to 1):


||Cannon divine Worriers||
Irene- ??? ((She is top divine Worrier))
Menphia- ???
Kul'Zak- ???

||Divine Worrier Template||
Divine Worrier name:
Eye color:
Divine Worrier eye color:
Hair color:
Divine Worrier hair color:
Divine Worrier age:
Divine Worrier clothing/outfit:
Power(s) (limited to 4):
Ability(s) (limited to 4):
Magic(s) (limited to 4):
Weapons (limited to 5):
Crush (limited to 1):
Dimension name:
How staff looks like:
How relic looks like:


((Only owner can approve made up and cannon characters, and also plz ask to be one))

||made up Divine Worriers|| ((3 more))
Rosa- +Lily Moon​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ (she is top second Divine Worrier, Top Shadow knight, grower of plants, keeper of animals, riser if the moon, and first shadow knight with wings)
Zan- +Zanie Ro'Meave​​​​​​​​​​
Blaze- +Girly Gamer 93​​​

Cannon boy characters:
Aaron- ??
Laurance- ??
((Plz tell me if I forgot someone))

Cannon girl characters:
((Plz tell me if I forgot someone))

||Made up characters||
Lily Moon- +Lily Moon​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Zanie Ro'Meave- +Zanie Ro'Meave​​​​​​​​​​
Jacky Rose- +Michele Escalante​​​​
Willow blackwood- +Girly Gamer 93​​​

||Main characters||
Lily- +Lily Moon​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
(The Divine Worriers)
(The Ro'Meave)

+ may I join the RPG as Travis?

FLASHBACK: Wren was running through the forest trying to escape from the shadow knights. She was trying to run from Gene and Sasha. Wren was almost there, but she bumped into a tree. She was lightweight and passed out. Sasha: "We should end her." Gene: "I know but... we should do it quick and quiet." Sasha: Why, quick and Quiet?" Gene: "Rosa. she lives in this area, & hates us." Just then wolves came, and attacked. a wolf pup sniffed Wren. Sasha and Gene ran like cowards.

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Reposting ._.
(mcd rp)
As you were walking around the forest trying to get to your village, you see a girl, she looked like the girl who's village burned down by Zane, she doesn't really look dangerous of what other people said about her. You then..

(open rp)

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So Im just reposting XD

You had news that there was a murder around, you didnt have to worry though since you where very powerful, though ppl who claim to survived the murderer say they are very powerful too. Either way its you job to stop them even if it means killing them. You only have a small description: They have messy brown hair, one eye covered and multipul bandages. They are also known for wearing an orange sweater or purple and white dress. As you were making your way through the forest at night you see a faint light in the distance, on closer inspection there is a girl matching the exact discription you had, you...

((The girl is a mixture of those two pics))
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Divine warrior picss
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// divine warrior templete//

Name: Willow Blackwood
Nickname: Will
Hair color: origional hair color was brown but when she dyed it a diffrent one (she has a priblem with dying her hair)
Eye color: origonal brown though she wears contacts a lot
Divine warrior Hair color: pink, red or black
Divine warrior Eye color: pink, red or black
Outfit: provided in pics
Age: 17
Divine Worrier age: 20
Personality: funny, anoyying, witty, wierd, flirty, show-off
Likes: seeing others suffer, serving zane, exploring, , fighting, heat, red, autum, summer
Dislikes: winter, plants, owls +other animals//she is alergic to them//, pervs
Good or bad: bad but can be good when you get to know her more
Powers : fire things
Abilities: things related with fire
Species: human
Family: Ethan //older brother//
Friends: non rly
Crush : Travis //or jack ;) lol//
Divine Worrier name: blaze
Dimension name: Disboard dimension (she rules in that dimention)
Middle name: non
Weapons: two red katanas, one sword and a bow and arrow
Staffs: look at pic; only one staff

//im gonna send pics in a sec// 

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My oc Zanie Blood Ro' Meave
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Name: Jacky Rose
Nickname: jacks or Rosie
Hair color:brunet aka brown
Eye color:blind
Personality: mean and nice when I meant you guys
Age: 13
Clothing/outfit: in pic
Power(s) (limited to 4): none
Ability(s) (limited to 4):speed
Magic(s) (limited to 4): none
Species (shadow Knight, mie'fua, witch, etc): shadow meif'wa
Likes: swords food and making food
Dislikes: Zane fighting and o'kasis
Weapon(s) (limited to 5): dinmobd sword and long gold
Village: o'kasis now phinox drop
Family: dead
Friend(s): none yet
Crush (limited to 1): none
Bio: my mom and dad died when I was 2 so I was alone till Sasha found me at 5 and took care of me only to become a shadow Knight .So after the neather , Zane found me at age 10 and took Care of me .....AS HIS MAID ugh I escaped and now need a new home and control anger


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||Divine Worrier Template||
Quotes: "no matter how far apart we are, we'll always be together..."
"I protect those who I love and care for!"
"Stop asking me to take off my bandana please.."
"my past doesn't affect future will.."

Name: Lily Moon
Nickname: Moon/Moonlight, Lil
Divine Worrier name: Rosa Moon
Eye color: sky blue
Divine Worrier eye color: one eye sky blue, other purplish bluish
Hair color: blond
Divine Worrier hair color: blond
Personality: nice, kind, protective, caring,
Age: 19
Divine Worrier age: 22
Clothing/outfit: red bandana, red dress with black at the bottom
Divine Worrier clothing/outfit: (one of the pics ._.) still with bandana
Power: water, ice, snow, fire, teleportation, telekinesis, levitation, healing (she only knows she had teleportation)
Abilities: taking to animals/ communicating to animals, growing plants immediately, taming animals immediately, rising the moon
Magics: strong dark magic, strong light magic
Likes: animals, protecting animals, plants, going plants, rising the moon
Dislikes:ppl who kill or injure animals, ppl who cut down plants
Weapons : a sword that shield to some sort of lava sword
Divine Worrier weapon: the same but with a bow and arrow
Species: shadow Knight
Friend: the Divine Worriers
Family: none
Crush : Laurance
Dimension name: Moonlight, Plants dimension, animals dimension
How staff looks like: a moon, another with a rose on the top, another one with a bird on top
How relic looks like:water on left side fire on right side with a plants vine wrapped around it, another one that looks like a half moon
Bio: coming soon 

((Self approved, also, it's so much pics XD))
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