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((Reserved roleplay for +Axolotl, ask if you want to join.))
((Please remember that I suck at making starters, so I'm doing my best.))

*8:45 AM [My day off from work]*

I wake up early as possible, make coffee, and food for Axoloti while she's asleep, as I do so, I get ready for going to the pool.

After I'm done, I go to wake up Axoloti

(This is a summer roleplay, and sorry for not making one for an entire week, the week I had was eventless needless to say. xP)

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Expect some of this


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Names: Jewlie, Annie, Pannie
Species: cat (jewlie) dog (Annie is a pomeranian, pannie is a german shepard)
Ages: they're all 15 in human years, 1 week in dogs and cats years
Jewlie - Attention , Jewlery , friends , fame
Annie - Pannie , Cuteness , friends , family
Pannie - Being Perfect , fur groomed perfect , fame
Jewlie - Attention going to Pannie , Pannie , BUGS
Annie - Mean people who abuse animals , swearing , neon
Pannie - Fur being a disaster , Death , attention going to Jewlie (yes , that happens)
Stray/Owned: Stray , they try to avoid being adopted
Jewlie - Attention freak
Annie - Playful doggo
Pannie - Attention freak

art below by me!

lewds allowed here?

dafuq am i supposed to do here

Is ialright if I could be +Axolotl's husband in the roleplay? :3

I don't know where to put this post.

slolwy degiests a car
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