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Hello Everyone! And welcome to Ouran!

I know what you're thinking. We have rules? Well no duh we do! Please follow them too, they are pretty simple!

1: Please make a profile before roleplaying and follow the template. I will put that a bit later which is right after all the rules and stuffs, but if you have a profile template that is more in depth or has more description of your character, then feel free to use that too!

2. Please, do not make your roleplay seriously sexual. That includes, no "banging" or nudity. That also goes for no explicit imagery included in your roleplay. If you are going to do any of that, please make a private post with the person you are roleplaying with, and not here. Or save it for a hentai roleplay community, just not here.

3. Under any circumstances, do NOT disrespect a mod, owner, or another member outside of roleplay. That will result in a warning.

4. If you are roleplaying as a non-human character, do not make it over-powered. That will result in a warning, and if not changed after warning, that will result in a ban.

5. Have fun!

The amount of warnings you will be given at the maximum before a ban in 3. If you continue to behave rudely to the mods or insult members outside of roleplay, and it is extremely hurtful, or explicit, without any warning, you will be banned.

Here is the profile template, and please follow it unless you have your own that includes all of this information:





Sexuality: (What is your OC's sexual orientation. Gay, lesbian, straight, pan, bi?)

Preferred Host:





Hair Color:

Eye Color:

Skin Tone:




Dominate Hand: (The Hand you write with)

Relationships: (With each host, or any friends and other's)

Brief Biography: (How did your OC become the person they are today?)


Thank you so much for joining Ouran, and have a nice day!

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Name: Lexy
Age Sixteen
Personality;Weird. Friendly, Wild, Shy irl
Apperencie: Look at picture
Likes: Animals, Host club, Sweets etc.
Dislikes: Haven't found anything I have disliked yet
Dream: To be a girl who is fine with everything and not judged for it
Bio:"Long and Boring"

I didn't make myself a mod...CAN SOMEONE MAKE ME A MOD

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I'm doing this from episode 4...TOTALLY NOT REWATCHING OHSHC FOR IDK HOW MANY TIMES!!!!!!!!!

Nagato was busy serving tea because no one requested him at the time due to them being busy. He noticed that everyone was looking at the entrance. He also looked at what they were looking at. There was a new guest and she started to call Tamaki names.
"No! Don't touch me you phony! The girl had slapped nii-san. I immediately got angry at the girl, but she continued. He made his own move. One man slow motion. I walked over to the girl and snapped. "My brother is not a phony! He is not stupid, a narcissist, incompetent, a commoner nor disgusting!" The girl ran to Kyoya and hugged him. I felt odd in a way. "I've been waiting to meet you Kyoya! My Prince Charming!" I started to feel more odd. I went over to Jacob and carried him. I thought about Jacob's future. Jacob will come to Ouran and become a Host. Hopefully he is a better Host than I am...I honestly don't mind if he is like me; the emo type. Honestly I hope everyone's kids are a Host...It'd be great to keep in touch with each other. +Veronica Amako looked at me with a concerned look. I looked back at her and she started to walk towards me. "Hey, Nag...are you alright? Why aren't you with Kyoya and why are you acting differently?" "I'm alright. Is it wrong for me to be with my son and think about the future? That's all that I wish for. Jacob to be at Ouran Academy and be a Host if he wants to be one. If he does decide to be a Host, and everyone else has kids, it'd be a good thing because we can keep in contact with each other and tell them stories of how we were in our High School years ^^" "...Don't give me that bullshit that you said about being alright. You clearly aren't. Could it be that you're jealous?" "W-What!? I-I'm not!!!"

I have made a Host Club amongst my friends at my school. I was watching OHSHC like I always do until I thought "Hey! Why don't I make an Ouran Host Club! so yeah...I made a letter about this that I'm going to give to them.

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Hello. It is me,Nagato. I am on the other account due to my phone being with a detective blah blah. Lets just say I'm a victim and I'm using the computer. I will be using my Yuri account...I miss all of you..

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{Title: So Far Away}

{Time: Five O'Clock}

{Location: Paris, France}


Sightseeing in Paris, to going out at night with friends to take photo's of the Eiffel Tower at night, is everything I could have dreamed for. It was beautiful this time of year, and the perfect time to go on a school field trip. Especially around Valentines Day!

The sun started to set, and I just sat on top of my car, strumming my guitar and singing along to the tune

"It's so far away, let your dreams soar. Let them soar higher. Don't far away, let your dreams soar. Let them soar higher~ Dream. It's all I can do right now, just dream. Nothing will be far away~"

A few of the passing walkers tipped some money into my guitar case as they walked past. I smiled and started to play a few more songs before starting to pack up to head back to the hotel. That's when Y/N walked up to me with some money and complimented me on my singing and playing. Of course, I said "hello" and thank you, like any polite person would do

"So, are you on the trip too? I didn't see you on the plane, or I must have had my nose it my book!"

Y/N nodded yes, and said I did have my nose it my book, as always. Not paying attention to anything else, except a good book. I started to giggle at my stupidity, and continued to put my guitar and music book away

(Open roleplay rules: Please be descriptive, no one line responses, or starters, and you MUST ask! Thank you!)

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As I had been walking through the corridor of Ouran, a few of the student's were... Giggling, and pointing at me for some unknown reason

"Hey! What the hell are you laughing at?!"

I snapped at a few of the student's. I walked to the bathroom, and my outfit looked completely normal. My long pink locks of hair, glossy, and perfectly straight. My usual flannel and Band T-shirt, not wrinkled, or messed up

"What the hell could they be laughing at?!"

Was it my makeup, or my shoes, or my... Oh my god... It was my socks the whole time. Bad day to wear BEEMO socks...

"Well, V, you're going back out there, and wearing boot's this time..."

I darted out of the girls bathroom and back to my room to look for a pair of Doc Martins. Curse me loving to wear "Geek Socks" almost every day... On the bright side, I wasn't wearing Sailor Moon socks. These damn rich kids... Always laughing at anything they think is for "commoners"... What the actual heck! Once I got my butt out of my dorm, I just looked around me. None of the student's were laughing at me. What a relief!

"Hmm... Wonder what the Host Club is up to..."

So with that, I strolled on my way to the Host Club... Where, I spend most of my time... (Sadly) Even when I hate flirting!

"I really need a life... Why do I spend my time in here...? All the girls are such... SNOBS! GAH! V, suck it up, and TALK to someone! Oh! There's +Gia 'Nagato' 'Suoh' Pena!"

"EY~ Nagato!"

A smile stretched across my face, full of make-up. Mainly eyeliner though. To be honest, my wings were on FLEEK!

(Open roleplay. Please be descriptive, and unless tagged, please ask, and 3-20 lines to start. No one line reply's. Thank you!)

(Recommended: +Yuri Plisetsky +Tamaki Suoh)

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i has ruled for this roleplay, follow em please

It was the middle of the night, and it was dark and rainy out. Just my luck. I couldn't get to sleep, so I decided I could just sit on the couch in my room and read. Normally, after about ten or so minutes, I would fall asleep, but nope. The rain pattering against the windows, the booming thunder, and the flashing lightning was all preventing me from falling asleep. My book on the other hand, was keeping me at a cliff-hanger, and I couldn't put it down it was that good. My bright pink eyes were widening as I got close to the climax of the story. I was so intrigued by it, when suddenly, my front door swung open from the wind. Rain poured in as I ran and slipped on my floor to get the door shut. Little to my knowledge, someone had slipped in behind my back. Foot-steps creaked across the floor above me, as I grabbed the nearest object for defense. Me being smart, I grabbed a baseball bat and a shoe for protection. Quietly, and stealthy, I crept up the stars and looked around. Not a trace of any life in my house, except for my "cat" Niki. She walked beside me, and transformed back into her human form

"Whacha doing, V?"

She asked me in a low toned whisper. Her blue eyes glimmered in the candle lit hallway, as I looked down at her while she was sitting next to me

"I think someone broke into the house..."

I replied, keeping my voice at a low whisper. She had looked at me for a few seconds, and went back into cat form with a plan. Check each room in cat form for Y/N and turn back into human form when she had found Y/N. I'll admit, it was a pretty good idea, and I was willing to go along with it. Quickly, she had scurried off, and started to check each room

"I'll shout 'Ronnie' when I find them, is that OK with you?"

I nodded, and she quickly leaped into one of the rooms. I walked over to the right hand side wall, and slid down it back first, to only hear Y/N's voice when they saw Niki


Her voice echoed as I stood up and ran to her. Y/N went for the door, but I had blocked them and got into a batting position, ready to strike


(Open roleplay rules! PLEASE FOLLOW THEM!)

1) Please ask
2) At least 3-6+ lines to start.
3) You MUST be descriptive
4) No overpowering or god modding ANY characters. They can be what ever you would like, just do not make them over powered.
5) Make sure to have proper grammar. Yes, I am a slight grammar Nazi. I admit it. I don't really appreciate improper grammar. It kills me.
6) You may use emoji's, but please no text talk. That means like: Lol, Ttyl, Lmao, wtf, or Omg. If your character talks like that, then just let me know when you ask to join.
7) Please use auto correct if you have spelled something incorrectly. I am also one to be a bit of a spelling Nazi.
8) And finally, ENJOY!

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