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Entire article: 'If the FDA Were Honest (Ha Ha)' by Bill Sardi on

PRECAUTIONARY STATEMENT: Drugs approved by the FDA are tested against biologically inactive placebo pills and may not be as safe as other existing drugs for the same condition. Furthermore, drugs are approved by the FDA based on relatively short-term study data and their long-term safety may not be known till years later. Drugs may induce safety events that prompt a boxed warning on the label, issuance of a safety communication or even withdrawal from the marketplace long after FDA approval. Furthermore, while effectiveness of drugs may be given in relative numbers, such as a certain drug reduces a health risk like heart attack or stroke by one-third (33%), in hard numbers risk may be reduced from 3 in 100 to 2 in 100, or an absolute risk reduction of only 1 in 100 (1%). However side effects are usually tabulated in absolute numbers. For example the risk for skin rash may be 1 in 100; muscle pain 2 in 100, and headache requiring a doctor’s visit 1 in 100, for a total side effect rate of 4 in 100 while the drug only reduces risk for disease of 1 in 100. So the total side effect rate may exceed the benefit rate. Additionally, many drugs deplete essential nutrients, such as metformin that depletes vitamin B12; lisinopril depletes zinc; statin drugs that deplete coenzyme Q10; steroidal drugs and aspirin that deplete vitamin C; diuretics that deplete magnesium. Information about drug depletion of essential nutrients is not included on the label and generally not provided in product inserts. The known interaction of drugs with other medications and dietary supplements is also not usually included in product inserts. Finally, there may be no studies of the total combined effects of multiple drugs such as commonly prescribed for many patients, for example an ACE inhibitor, statin cholesterol-lowering drug, diuretic water pill, beta blocker and aspirin tablet.

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WTF !!!

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this has been going on for much longer than when the Illuminati came to America More info:
God of Judgment The HOST of Horrors ✡ Saturn Ø
get the facts behind ✡ the seal of Solomon ((Star of David))

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illuminati Zionist Jews plans - end Internet - US big false terrorist attack - police state - WWIII 

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The Legend of St. George and the Dragon/Reptilian !!!

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Barry King met a Reptilian while working in the underground Genetics Lab under Peasemore, Berkshire, England, north of Greenham Common. Barry explains his encounter in the corridor, with a 7ft tall Lizard man, or Reptilian Alien. Normally he was dealing the man made GREYS,(Round Eyes)or ‘Programmable Generated Life Forms’ (PGLFs) or sometimes shorted as ‘Generated Life Forms’ being manufactured in the base, for MILAB operations (Military Abductions), and other undisclosed purposes.
The implications that the general population is under a global monitoring programme, for selection as experiments and source material for Genetic experiments involving Greys and Reptilain beings, for the creation of specificial genetically modified people, and clones must be viewed very seriously.

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The One Vitamin Can Help Repel Mosquitoes All Summer

Mosquitoes is considered to be one of the of the most annoying bugs on the planet.

The red, itchy, bites can cause pain, scabs, and can even lead to Infantigo, which is a bacterial skin infection.

It can be caused by two different types of bacteria: strep (streptococcus) or staph (staphylococcus).

Typically, these bacteria infect skin that is broken or damaged by cuts, scratches, bites, eczema, or other skin conditions.

There are several ways to ward off biting bugs, from using Vicks VapoRub to garlic and there is one thing these all have in common- to produce an odor that mosquitos simply don’t like.

There is also one vitamin that when ingested, produces an odor on our skin which is repellent to mosquitoes but undetectable by humans.

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#organic #survival

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A Car Crash, a Slip and Fall, any little trauma can actually cause spinal damage - take a look and see for yourself...and don't wait to be checked if you've recently fallen or been in a fender bender. Even if you "feel fine"!

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MKULTRA Documentary CIA Mind Control Research Human Experiments in the United States
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