Name: Ella classified
Alias: Gasoline X-ray
Age: 28
Power: any of her dna can be out on fire at her command

Name: Gerard Way
Alias: Party Poison
Age: 35
Power: with his command, his touch can be black and poisonous

Name: Mackenzie Cameron
Alias: Misty Cameron
Age: 25
Power: she can create a coma inducing, illness healing, or poisonous fatal fog around herself 

im only imagining Digit getting reprogrammed by one of Korse's scientists and her becoming evil

and having to face off against either 8 or Neon

her left eye would turn red

and her voice would be more-


Name: Max E Mum
Alias: Planet Murder
Power: THE POWER OF THE COSMOS. He can make things appear out of no where, can control gravity, and has mind control powers.
Age: 28
Gender: male
Likes: blood, he's really a softie once u know him
Dislikes: BL/Ind, Dracs, Korse
Significant Other: no one at the moment
Hair color: pitch black
Eye color: yellow
Height: 8'9"
Clothes: black with some red

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Name: Noah Winters

Alias: Neon Rocket

Age: 22

Power: He can fly. When not flying he can be really fast on his feet. He is skilled at hand to hand combat and could hurt you but he decides not to because he is a cinnamon roll.

Appearance: He used to have brown hair but decided to dye it platinum blonde. He is smaller than his sister but smarter than her.

Love Interest: He is in a relationship with Exterminator Diamond.

Likes: His friends, his family, and anime.

Dislikes: Being in crowds, people teasing him, and death.

Bio: After a fire that almost killed his sister, he worked to try to help her get better. Which turned out wrong. After an incident in a lab, he now can fly.

Name: Lexi Winters

Superhero!Killjoy Name: Digital Shooter

Age: 22

Appearance: She is tall, has brown hair and brown eyes. Has her hair up in a ponytail when not fighting people.

Power: She is part cyborg. She has a robotic arm that has a gun installed and she has a robotic eye. Used for aiming and hitting every target.

Love Interest: 8-Ball

Likes: Fighting, her twin brother see +band trash's OC, music, and more fighting.

Hates: Bad people, people making fun of her brother, when her system malfuncions, not getting a hit.

Bio: She was supposed to be a weapon for the evil BL/ind after a fire that destroyed her arm and eye and killed her parents. She was rewired by a scientist that wanted her to escape.

GUYS, what if there was a plague that made everyone turn into what they wanted to be?
Like for instance: Tox would turn into a neko. Killer into a army sergeant, etc. And it comes from the air.
Good idea??
+Vi the Smøl Bean
+//*Ella From the Clique Parade*\\
+band trash
+American Psycho
Another idea:
What I'd there was a plague that turned everyone into an animal? In the air.
One more:
A plague that makes it almost impossible to eat/speak/drink/do anything? And its in the canned food.


Name: Ashes Leann Iero
Alias: Toxic Insanity
Power: can make anything toxic
Hair color: red
Eye color: hazel
Age: 19
Likes: Party Poison, kicking ass, etc.
Dislikes: er, idk.
Significant other: Chemical Blast (?)


Sorry, 8.




Name: Jason "Jay" Michaels

Alias: 8-Ball

Age: 23

Power: He can do really cool things with his mind. Like predict the future, and telekinesis.

Appearance: He's pale. With spiky black hair and with Deadpool's personality. He likes wearing black, white, and dark blue.

Love interest: Digital Shooter. Even if she's a cyborg doesn't mean he can't love her.

Likes: Gambling, fighting, his friends and science.

Dislikes: Villains, people making fun of him, losing in games.

Bio: He is an orphan. He never knew his dad and his mom was killed in front of him.

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