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Hi everyone!
My phone is a htc m9 himawl with aicp 13.1.
I have a issue with the bluetooth, i don't know why but when i using my headphone after 30 min the bluetooth force close and the connection lose.
Sorry for my bad english. 😅


hi everyone!
I just installed aicp 14 for my htc one m9.
And i found an error:
when i go to on aicp extras and i click on Navigation, Recent, Quick settings, Lockscreen, panel porn and some others settings, there aren't any settings to set.
There is a way to fix it?
And how can i have automatically check update of system?
Thanks in advance.

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please check my logcat I have an error when playing instagram and whatsapp videos, install htc music and have problems saying you can not play audio. also the snap dragon camera looks very bad. Pie 9.0 HTC M9 himaul

Hi everyone,
I'm using the aicp 13.1 weekly, and i've some bug.
Can i explain it here?

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Call recording not working at all.... Any fix for this...
Redmi note 4 mido
Aicp latest build

in the profile of the wifi sometimes hangs and does not appear the network s saved having to restart the device always to work, device in use: HTC where m9. Help

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Has anyone noticed crashing on their Robin in builds after 9-26?
I have, and it might have to do with the lineage source.
Here's my logs

Good afternoon, I'm using the latest version of the room on my zl1, but the native calls app is not recognizing the microphone, which is ok, would it have some other alternative app for me to test?

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last version on my xiaomi 4s,sometimes when phone in,the telephone auto reboot.

I'm having trouble installing the latest rom updates, the only one I can install is the 07/2018 version on my ZL1. In the last updates he gives that "error 7" in twrp
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