So when will any of the June builds for Samsung S5 KLTE be stable? I've been updating my rom almost everyday and I always end up with SD card error. Someone should tell us something or the builds shouldn't be uploaded till it's stable enough for us to download and flash. 

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+Ralf Luther​​​ if you get a chance, can you guys check out my Logcat for Angler? My camera and GPS have a tendency to crap out after a while. Did it a couple of days ago. Any reboot works but will do the same after a while. It's like one of the 2 goes out the other one will too 

For some reason when I use keyboard, rotation lock doesn't work. Is it the same for everybody?
jfltexx, 20170624.

Device: potter
Build: 20170625

I already put this is the Moto sub, but thought it should be in "Bugs," too... seems like the "corrupted sd card" false error is back. (And can confirm it's not on the 20170611 build.)

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Lg g2 vs980 with latest built👇phone is overhiting. Can someone tell me what to do..sorry for my english🙂✌thanks

Flashed the latest (jun 22) nightly build on Moto X Pure (XT1575).
However not able to bring up Kodi after a fresh install of app.
It just shows the Kodi startup screen for some time and returns back to theapp drawer.
Sometimes the deadly kodi black screen stays on when app is launched and nothing happens even after 10 mins.

Hello !

Nobody for my problem of led on my note 4 sm-n910f? Can I flash a program for that? Thanks.....

Device: Cancro
Version: aicp_cancro_n-12.1-NIGHTLY-20170620

I would like to confirm one thing...i'm not sure Whether this is consider is bugs or not..when I receive a call or I make a call...when talking some time the screen automatically dark(sleep) but after call end, the screen unable to appear?? I still not sure whether the caller already end call already or not...the only way I need to manually press device power button to appear the screen:( ... Even in last version got the same issue too.. Hope others aicp member willing to help! Hope can fix on next build if this consider is a bugs...Thanks in advance:)

my device s3 i9300 can't load stop at acip logo and can't start
WHAT can i do

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Just installed the latest nightly on my OP2 and camera it is not working anymore. Tried with different applications but the problem is "unable to connect to device". Anyone else is experiencing the same problem? Any fix or workaround available? 
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