Kindly provide me idea to solve camera app crash.

I flashed on Sunday for the first time on my oneplus one and i have to say that the varieties of costumasation are really good... But:
The battery drains really quick
It's takes very long to charge
And it gets hot while watching YouTube for example.

Does anyone have the same problem? 

Im not sure, whether you can use the Oneplus 3 rom for the Oneplus 3t. If i can remember right, i can, but im not sure. 

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3t battery capacity of 3000 mAh?
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Oneplus2 bug report after updating latest update camera is not working
Camera has stopped
Camera keep stopping

What's the problem for oneplus 2? The build haven't updated since May 9th.

I have been having an issue with OnePlus one. Whenever I connect it to any computer to transfer files, they don't read all files on my internal storage. But when I was on stock, I never had this issue. I have tried all I can but nothing worked. Please what's the way out? 

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Why there is no VOLTE logo? Or HD voice logo? Though it's working fine. 
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