Edge Gestures please??

Ability to hide network on qs/notification panel in top left corner.

Maybe this is an odd request, and the OS can't do anything about it self, but create a default app selection for 'downloads.'. Tired of opening a download to be taken to the stock download manager screen, only to navigate straight to my favorite file manager. It'd be nice to skip that screen.

Wierd request, I know...

Nexus 6p: angler

Can u place the brightness adjust below the qs tiles...or bottom of qs tiles.πŸ˜…
It will be easier for 1 hand users with small handsπŸ˜…πŸ˜…


Okay, I can't figure out how to look up previous suggestions via the G+ app...

That being said, I'm sure it has been recommended, can you port the DNSSEC/DNS Over TLS/DNS Over HTTPS feature from Android P?

The long press on the Sync tile was set to toggle action,rather than the old way of taking to the settings.Was this intentional ?

Is there any way in Oreo how to hide icon in status bar of always run app (like YoWindow or VoIP Zoiper) but not hide its row in notify list expanded from status bar ?
Before in Nougat it was possible by Importance Level:1 mode which you have after switch on in System UI Tuner > Other > Power notification control > On
Now this feature missing and every damn app which has any pernament notify shows also icon in colapsed status bar. I dont want turn off whole notification for this app, just the icon! Just some apps can be hide this icon:
1. like AccuBattery which has it in its settings option to not show icon
2. like YoWindow which can be set in Notification cathegory > Importance > to 'Low' but no all apps has it and those who have need to always expand notify row to show whole row.

Thatis one of the most horrible step back in Oreo compared to Nougat. Second is no more option to set custom notify soud per label in gmail app in Oreo :( ..but maybe if AICP devel.gyus want be better, then will surprise us..

Navigation bar is just on/off from menu but not hide/visible or hide/unhide by swipe from bottom of screen (every china phone has it so why no AICP?)

very missing is proximity sensor check when unlock screen by finger print from screen off

I was wondering if there was a way to get dark notifications with the dark and or black UI, not using subs.
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