mahdi vakili

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Special thanks to powerful teams always best AICP 😎

Good luck
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Glad you like the ROM
But please don't post to "Team Only" section, this is for our announcements
Thanks again for the kind words.
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Ralf Luther

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date: 2017/01/15

# <Device ID> <lunchcombo> <branch> <maintainer e-mail>
# AICP nightly target list
1 aicp_m7-userdebug n7.1
15 aicp_d802-userdebug n7.1
43 aicp_bacon-userdebug n7.1
45 aicp_klte-userdebug n7.1
64 aicp_d855-userdebug n7.1
70 aicp_shamu-userdebug n7.1
71 aicp_flounder-userdebug n7.1
81 aicp_armani-userdebug n7.1
82 aicp_condor-userdebug n7.1
88 aicp_huashan-userdebug n7.1
90 aicp_cancro-userdebug n7.1
91 aicp_lettuce-userdebug n7.1
94 aicp_clark-userdebug n7.1
95 aicp_oneplus2-userdebug n7.1
96 aicp_h815-userdebug n7.1
97 aicp_angler-userdebug n7.1,
104 aicp_i9100-userdebug n7.1
105 aicp_osprey-userdebug n7.1
107 aicp_onyx-userdebug n7.1
108 aicp_lux-userdebug n7.1
110 aicp_wt88047-userdebug n7.1
116 aicp_kenzo-userdebug n7.1
117 aicp_oneplus3-userdebug n7.1
120 aicp_Z00A-userdebug n7.1
121 aicp_Z008-userdebug n7.1
122 aicp_h811-userdebug n7.1
123 aicp_amami-userdebug n7.1
126 aicp_n7100-userdebug n7.1
129 aicp_shamrock-userdebug n7.1,,
130 aicp_seed-userdebug n7.1,
131 aicp_hydrogen-userdebug n7.1,
132 aicp_l01f-userdebug n7.1
133 aicp_kltekdi-userdebug n7.1
134 aicp_peach-userdebug n7.1
135 aicp_ferrari-userdebug n7.1
136 aicp_athene-userdebug n7.1
139 aicp_kiwi-userdebug n7.1,

# Devices to be built on Monday
6 aicp_flo-userdebug n7.1
12 aicp_i9300-userdebug n7.1
137 aicp_libra-userdebug n7.1

# Devices to be built on Tuesday
5 aicp_deb-userdebug n7.1,
118 aicp_shieldtablet-userdebug n7.1

# Devices to be built on Wednesday
27 aicp_d800-userdebug n7.1
28 aicp_d801-userdebug n7.1
29 aicp_d803-userdebug n7.1
36 aicp_vs980-userdebug n7.1
44 aicp_ls980-userdebug n7.1

# Devices to be built on Thursday
61 aicp_d850-userdebug n7.1
62 aicp_d851-userdebug n7.1
63 aicp_d852-userdebug n7.1
65 aicp_vs985-userdebug n7.1
66 aicp_ls990-userdebug n7.1
137 aicp_libra-userdebug n7.1

# Devices to be built on Friday
56 aicp_jfltexx-userdebug n7.1
58 aicp_jfltevzw-userdebug n7.1

# Devices to be built on Saturday
109 aicp_surnia-userdebug n7.1 eldainosor@gmail.comv
138 aicp_castor_windy-userdebug n7.1
140 aicp_castor-userdebug n7.1

# Devices to be built on Sunday
48 aicp_serrano3gxx-userdebug n7.1
53 aicp_serranoltexx-userdebug n7.1


Ralf Luther

[TEAM ONLY] Information  - 
As this happens more and more often here & we will not tolerate it anymore...

Android Ice Cold Project ROM Community Rules:

- Don't ask for any ETA for a device or beg for a version for your unsupported device. You will get banned immediately!
- This is NOT the help site for building problems!
- Please post in ENGLISH, if you want the team to reply.
- Only Nougat (= AICP12.x) are officially supported!
- Keep Posts RELEVANT to the ROM.
- Post in the correct subthread, e.g. Xiaomi, bug reports, etc.
- Include your device & build for questions & bug reports.
- If you found a bug: Provide the logcat for it (using AicpExtras "Log that shit"-Option) or an App like Syslog, if the log is too big.
- We can (!) not support you, if you got modifications, e.g. Xposed framework, custom kernel, etc. installed.

 - NO spam, profanity, violence, or hate speech.
- NO nudity or pornography.
- NO promotions / advertisements.
- Original posts please!

Violations of the above will result in a ban from this community without further notice!

Ralf Luther

[TEAM ONLY] Information  - 
Update 3: Well, the new Servers started building. Builds are Setup on 2 and a half machines so we should get nightlies faster ;)

There are still some things to do (web site, stats, etc.),
but that should not affect the builds...

This means we will provide official n7.1 builds again for the following devices at the moment:

Device - Maintainer(s)
hammerhead -
mako -
i9300 -
d802 -
d800 -
d801 -
d803 -
vs980 -
bacon -
ls980 -
klte -
serrano3gxx -
serranoltexx -
jfltexx -
jfltevzw -
d850 -
d851 -
d852 -
d855 -
vs985 -
ls990 -
shamu -
flounder -
huashan -
clark -
oneplus2 -
h815 -
angler -,
bullhead -
victara -
osprey -
lux -
surnia -
wt88047 -
kenzo -
oneplus3 -
shieldtablet -
Z00A -
Z008 -
h811 -
amami -
n7100 -
shamrock -,,
seed -,,
hydrogen -,

dior - ON HOLD (as it lacks the maintainer)
titan - ON HOLD (as it lacks the maintainer)
htc m-series - ON HOLD (as it lacks the maintainer)


Davor Bertovic

[TEAM ONLY] Information  - 
So my N6p died and currently don't have any aicp capable phone..

There is no aicp for Pixel XL yet lol
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+Davor Bertovic It might make an interesting target for a practice round or skeet shoot
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Ralf Luther

[TEAM ONLY] Information  - 
To everyone on "N" nightlies:

Jenkins Server was down for a few days... but is up again.

So you guys can expect nightlies again ;)
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Alguém me sabe dizer de alguma ROM versão 7.0 sem bugs no lg g3 
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Ralf Luther

[TEAM ONLY] Information  - 
For all you the Nougat users, that did not notice by now...
Well it has been fun guys. I am officially retiring from GApps. I barely have free time these days and I have become very busy with work etc.. +Nate Benis has agreed to step in to take over with his Dynamic GApps. I will still be around, but only in a consultant type of mode. I will leave this Collection open. Thank You everyone who has used my GApps throughout the years.

+Alex Cruz +Char G
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Thank you
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Davor Bertovic

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Well shiz... 11k
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Working on the 15k, lol... prepare yourself, might just be another few weeks, haha
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Michele Bono

[TEAM ONLY] Information  - 
Finally we got theme resources. Big Thanks to +Alex Cruz  for the script and +Hector Colmenares  for help.

Edit: It won't be much of a difference to the users, this is to help the themers. It's to make the resources for theming more easily available for the theme developers so they may make their awesome themes they do with a little lesser effort. 
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Char G
+Davor Bertovic Oh come on, yellow is such a bright cheerful color 😂
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SAS Rekcah

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In AICP Extras>Panel porn, all settings are incorrectly labelled as '.... transparency'.
I think it should have been '.... Opacity' because increasing slider increases the corresponding opacity, not transparency.
Please have a look at it.
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+SAS Rekcah yup, we really read the Posts and try to solve probs as fast as we can, so....thanks +Ali B ! Fast than lightning, as always, lol
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Ralf Luther

[TEAM ONLY] Information  - 
Update 4: Everybody hold on to their latest builds.

a) Yes, we messed around with the build servers, what will be sorted out today (hopefully). Apologies for that.
b) Yes, CM merged 7.1.1, which broke all our builds until get it merged and sorted it out. It is a massive (!) change, which does not make it easier for us... but almost there.
c) OMS7 full Support will be added after the ROM is stable running 7.1.1., blame us & CM... 😉

Ralf Luther

[TEAM ONLY] Information  - 
Update2: we are almost done with servers.

Currently devices are readded one by one and some devices are up, although not everything is working perfect, e.g. the changelogs. So you can consider it a "test phase".

We might still change things "under the hood" and as devices are updated from their trees, you can expect new nighties shortly for all supported devices...

(btw: exchanged one Server for now, because the HDDs were grilled & fried)


Davor Bertovic

[TEAM ONLY] Information  - 
As someone that has had a front row seat to all of this, I'm excited to see this site launch. I have seen rumors on the internet circulating (big surprise, I know) and I want to put them to rest.

1. The site is not meant to be anti-XDA. XDA has done a lot of good for the community over the years and we appreciate that.

2. The site is meant for all types of developers. Whether you're an app, ROM, kernel developer or even on a different platform, we welcome you.

3. Our goal is not to play the numbers game. There are many sites out there that have had years of a head start on us so it would be silly of us to think we could suddenly compete over night. One of our primary goals is to bring developers, themers and contributors together. Create an environment where they feel comfortable to share ideas and truly collaborate with one another. We feel we have lost that and this us our way to fix it and not just whine about it.

4. Although this site was created from the ground up with the input and efforts of many developers, themers and contributors, it does not belong to a specific team. I personally saw the site get called 'DU's site' and I want to say is not our site. It was created for the community by the community.

The site will open in roughly 6 hours and we hope to see you all register and join us!
Devs Base is a new home for the custom development community built by developers for developers.
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I did. I'm no dev but I'll be happy to sit quiet in the shadows and poke out once in a while. 😄😄
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Davor Bertovic

[TEAM ONLY] Information  - 
If you get N OTA notification and you are running MM rom, DON'T dirty flash it!!!
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[TEAM ONLY] Information  - 
Posting rules

1. Don't post in the Information section. It's only for team members to give important informations.
2. Use the English language. If you can't write in English, translate your content with Google Translate.
3. Don't report problems, if you installed Xposed or a custom kernel. We can't track every issue, which has been introduced by a custom modification.
4. Don't spam or trade
5. Always be respectful
6. Try to post in the correct sections
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Down with pants! Up with kilts!
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