Just a notice.
I will do a bit "spring cleaning" on old subthreads here.
This means I delete some threads that are obsolete like AICP Nougat or Asus.
We will lose all posts in there, but I want to restructure this here.
We reached the maximum number of subthreads on G+, so this is the only way to do it.

I will, for example, make a new subforum for guys wanting to post their unofficial builds into... (But please keep in mind to delete your old obsolete ROM links yourself...)

#StayIceCold (or was it #coldAF ?) 😊
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Just to let the users know...
Please keep in mind that SuperSU development has been stopped and will not continue. Maybe a change to Magisk nicht bei a good idea in the near future. 😐
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Official weekly builds for AICP 13.1 are now available for the Nexbit Robin (ether)

Download: http://dwnld.aicp-rom.com/?device=ether

XDA thread: https://forum.xda-developers.com/nextbit-robin/development/official-aicp-13-1-t3766648

Changes... lalala

The team spend a lot of time and effort to bring up some changes.
So I thought I'll let you know:

a) button inversion is solved, yes. Our fault, but fixed now.
b) ROM will switch to DUI hardware button support (away from Lineage). I will write a few words further down here...
c) volume panel background color on Dark theme is now displayed correctly.
x) ...even more, but I am lazy, haha.

About the buttons:

1. Hardware button settings are centralized in AICP Extras now.
2. Buttons are freely configurable with functions like on DU smartbar for on-screen navigation.
3. WIP: re-add button lighting and connection to the screen brightness.
4. Powermenu settings (in Hardware buttons)
5. Possibility to turn hardware buttons OFF completely.
6. Moving settings for the Additional buttons from Settings/system to AICP Extras ( So it hopefully will not look that cluttered anymore).

As it is a Work-In-Progress, we had to revert some features that might be added back later, as they were kinda linked to Lineage buttons (e.g. Accidental touch, etc.).

This means for devices without hardware keys a few changes too. In short:

a. Hardware buttons on device (namely functions for volume keys) can now be found in AICP Extras hardware buttons and not Settings/System anymore.
b. This does not effect Gestures, they will stil be in Settings/System
c. You will lose some functionality on AOSP navbar for now (if you are using it). I still advise to switch to Smartbar or Fling in AICP Extras...
This means some features like Pixel animation on Standard Navbar will be gone at the moment, but it should "work" better.

We hope that will not cause some new irritations or issues. But feel free to post here, if you encounter something "strange".

#StayIceCold :)
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Just a quick mention: please stop posting a picture of the download page, if you do not find a new device...

We know what the page looks like, we know what was build and what is not there...

A question is enough... 🤔
Thank you.

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OnePlus3/3T is now receiving Official daily updates for AICP 13.1, XDA thread can be found below!


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As of this date ALL 12.1 official builds will be stopped on the servers.

We hesitated a long time, but as we are focussing on Oreo (v13.1 = 8.1.0) and the bringup of the devices we own, it is not easy or possible for the team to update/maintain Nougat builds any longer.

So, if you are on Nougat, backup or save your build, there will not be more official ones.

If you recieve an OTA update for 13.1, please keep in mind that it has to be clean flashed and you should backup to an external storage before doing it.

We will, of course not reject unofficial Nougat builds, if someone wants to do those, but please do not come here and complain about non-working features, bugs. etc.


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