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This Community is for officially supported devices ONLY. We cannot provide help with builds provided by someone from somewhere unofficially...
Google Search is a friend, use it!

Android Ice Cold Project ROM Community Rules:

- Don't ask for any ETA or beg for a version for your unsupported device.
(You can search yourself on sites like XDA for them!)
- This is NOT the help site for building problems!
- Please post in ENGLISH, if you want a reply and not get banned!
- Only Pie (=AICP 14.0) is officially supported now!
- Keep Posts RELEVANT to the ROM.
- Post in the correct subthread, e.g. Bug reports & Logcats, etc.
"Team only [Information]" means exactly that, so posting in there will result in a ban.
- Include your device & build date for questions and bug reports.
- If you found a bug: Provide a logcat for it, using an App like Syslog or Matlog or the build-in logcat feature.
- Please disable ALL applied theme overlays COMPLETELY before reporting a bug.
- We can not fully support you, if you got modifications, e.g. custom kernel, Greenify, etc. installed.
- We can and will not support questions regarding Xposed, Jio or VoLTE.
- Yes, this ROM is currently unencrypted and does not force encrypt on purpose.
- We are not the Magisk dev or Chainfire (SuperSU dev), so please post in their threads regarding problems with a root solution.
- NO spamming, profanity, violence or hate speech.
- NO nudity or pornography.
- NO promotions / advertisements / giveaways or polls.
- Original posts please!

Violations of the above will result in a ban from this community without further notice!

In addition, you might find the following posts helpful...

...on HOW to use the OTA-Center for Updates (Oreo users only):

... about stopped device builds for AICP 13.1 (Oreo) and a device list for Pie:

... about the decision to build the ROM "rootless":

... about "how to take a log":
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Anyone want to test AICP build for Pixel 3 XL?
Includes gapps

zip has 967MB so don't wan't to upload if no body wants it

Hello could you tell me which version of twrp do you use to flash the latest rom? And what gapp are you flashing about? On Nexus 6p thank you in advance

Great work on the ROM everyone!. Installed on HTC M9. Thanks for all you do!.

Hey Guys!
Is there any progress information about the pie for mido? We're in lack of information in every topic

Hi guys
Aicp pie gzosp base?


Radio log:



Mobile data still not working when turned on.


I flashed the brand new AICP 14.0 for SHAMU yesterday. But I was unable to have LTE and mobile data at all. I was able to make and recieve phone call.

I'm in France on Orange network.

Any Idea to solve that issue?

Hello! I noticed that the AICP has some amazing features.But I'm using Pixel 2 xl, will this device get aicp?

Hello communities members,
AICP 13.1 installed. My phone is HTC one M7 single sim. Gapps: ARM-8.1-Full installed. The system does not respond at startup. "Wait" turns off "App Close" options. I prefer the "App Close" option. The system is running. Resets periodically. It consumes the battery very fast. Charging is also slow. When the mobile data is turned on the " stop" warning comes out. But mobile data is open. Thanks for your help.
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