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This Community is for officially supported and build devices ONLY. We cannot help on devices and builds done by someone somewhere...
Google search is a friend, use it!

Android Ice Cold Project ROM Community Rules:

- Don't ask for any ETA or beg for a version for your unsupported device.
(You can search yourself on sites like XDA for them!)
- This is NOT the help site for building problems!
- Please post in ENGLISH, if you want the team!
- Only Oreo (=AICP13.1) is officially supported by now!
- Keep Posts RELEVANT to the ROM.
- Post in the correct subthread, e.g. Bug reports & Logcats, etc.
"Team only" means exactly that, so post in there and you will be banned.
- Include your device & build for questions and bug reports.
- If you found a bug: Provide the logcat for it with an App like Syslog or Matlog.
- Please disable ALL applied theme overlays COMPLETELY before reporting a bug.
- We can not fully support you, if you got modifications, e.g. custom kernel, Greenify, etc. installed.
- We can and will not support questions regarding Xposed, Jio or VoLTE.
- Yes, this ROM is unencrypted and does not force encrypt on purpose.
- We are not the Magisk dev or Chainfire (SuperSU dev), so please post in their threads regarding problems with a root solution.
- NO spamming, profanity, violence or hate speech.
- NO nudity or pornography.
- NO promotions / advertisements / giveaways or polls.
- Original posts please!

Violations of the above will result in a ban from this community without further notice!

In addition, you might find the following posts helpful...

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... about "how to take a log":
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Okay, dumb question. On the Oneplus 5, If i do a "su getprop | grep treble" I get a report back of:

Ro.treble.enabled=false (expected) (what's this?)

I goggled omx and it was, not suprisingly, over my head. Just curious if someone could explain it, or a link to a android for dummies that I couldn't find. I'm assuming this isn't related to project treble and is some audio function.

Okay, looking to turn off notification led... Where's the setting? I'm stupid and can't find it

I suppose I defeated AICP battery drain at Xiaomi Mi Mix 2.
You can try those steps at any other device too.
Now I have less than 6% overnight battery charge loss with enabled Wi-Fi.
I've searched a little in Internet and found several points to be improved for better battery life. I do not know what really did help, but that is all I did:

1. Settings – Google – App preview messages = “Off”. Read here about “Allo’s most annoying feature”
2. Settings – Display – Advanced – Pocket detection = “Off”. That feature doesn’t work properly at Chiron.
3. Settings – Google – Location – Scanning – Wi-Fi scanning, Bluetooth scanning = “Off”.
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I don't have anything to share, but I do wish to know how a person can learn what each app does and its affect on the system when removed. There is a long list under System App Remover, but no details.


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+Carlos Solano Strange thing in default apps / browser app

Hey everyone, I'm writing about a problem I have with my Moto G5 Plus (which I think is only with my device). My phone screen goes dark during a call and can't be turned on using any button after. Long press of power button only leads to the phone vibrating and no screen activity. Therefore I can't use my phone during a call or hang up. The screen comes back to life if the other person hangs up. This problem comes at random during calls (some calls with no problems or some with screen blank) and did exist for me in earlier builds and persists in the latest build.(aicp_potter_o-13.1-WEEKLY-20180618) I did clean flash Roms while installing and as far as I know, there is no issue with my proximity sensor. What could be the problem?

+Davor Bertovic +Ralf Luther
3Minit battery mod was supercool and sexy at Nougat. Can we have it at Oreo? Pleeeeease :)

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Hello everyone, I am back with my weekly report on ether. Not much is all that different at first glance. We have a new partner here and it is called Trust. Unfortunately since like 99% of us here root our phones, there is no use for it. Performance wise, it was a bit glitchy at startup but got better after running it for a little while. It is snappy as usual (thanks devs for that). Other then this, I did not see much difference. But I bet that there were some things under the hood that I did not see. Keep it up devs, I am loving this rom!!!

Last stable build: 6/20/18

I cant find anyone to talk i want to be a maintainer for mi max 2 Oxygen
if u can please contact me on telegram username :-@SARTHAKMALLA
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