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This Community is for officially supported and build devices ONLY. We cannot help on devices and builds done by someone somewhere...
Google search is a friend, use it!

Android Ice Cold Project ROM Community Rules:

- Don't ask for any ETA or beg for a version for your unsupported device.
(You can search yourself on sites like XDA for them!)
- This is NOT the help site for building problems!
- Please post in ENGLISH, if you want a replay and not get banned!
- Only Oreo (=AICP13.1) is officially supported by now!
- Keep Posts RELEVANT to the ROM.
- Post in the correct subthread, e.g. Bug reports & Logcats, etc.
"Team only" means exactly that, so post in there and you will be banned.
- Include your device & build for questions and bug reports.
- If you found a bug: Provide the logcat for it with an App like Syslog or Matlog or the buildin logcat feature.
- Please disable ALL applied theme overlays COMPLETELY before reporting a bug.
- We can not fully support you, if you got modifications, e.g. custom kernel, Greenify, etc. installed.
- We can and will not support questions regarding Xposed, Jio or VoLTE.
- Yes, this ROM is unencrypted and does not force encrypt on purpose.
- We are not the Magisk dev or Chainfire (SuperSU dev), so please post in their threads regarding problems with a root solution.
- NO spamming, profanity, violence or hate speech.
- NO nudity or pornography.
- NO promotions / advertisements / giveaways or polls.
- Original posts please!

Violations of the above will result in a ban from this community without further notice!

In addition, you might find the following posts helpful...

...on HOW to use the OTA-Center for Updates:

... about stopped device builds for AICP12.1 (Nougat):

... about the decision to build the ROM "rootless":

... about "how to take a log":
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help ! ! ! My input method went outside the screen, I can't touch the carriage return and the space bar! ! !
My device is: Le max2/x820 Android 8.1
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Vai ter ROM personalizado para o Zuk z2 ?

Hi use acaip rom very good but new nigthly version on extras download and install. Also instal otomatically but nor open every new version why ? Pls help me use mimix 2

How to fix audio fx(audio equaliser) in bullhead ROM, and I'm also running latest bullhead update, but haven't found anything resolved this issue, is there anyone can help me to fix this problem?

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Can We Apply For Kenzo.Official?

+Carlos Solano I factory reset my phone clean flash the rom (

after reboot it only show me twrp

what should i do with this situation ...

What Gapps do I flash for the taimen build or are they already baked in ?

Hello guys, I'm using AICP 13.1 official (August 9) on my Redmi Note 4 (mido) with stock kernel. The rom is awesome in all ways, but I noticed the charging speed too slow. In six hours more or less it charged only 12%! Is there any solution for this issue?

Is there a built in way to block private/unknown numbers in AICP? I don't like downloading apps off play as I don't trust them
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