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Read "Tha Warning" below BEFORE flashing a build after 17/02/13! It might leave the phone usuable... (OnePlus, LG, etc.)

Seems almost all is done on our source and we can continue the "normal" stuff. We should have our builds back to (almost) normal from 17/02/18 on... (with all the errors from LOS, lol)
...and this time we should thank our +Ali B​​​...

and a few new official devices might appear too shortly ;)

A short but important notice just got updated!

As our friends at LineageOS decided to rebase some repos (like telephony) on CAF...
KEEP your latest working build at hand.

Our all-mighty +Davor Bertovic​​​​ fixed a zillion conflicts to get our source building again.
It might not be perfect right now, but buildable.


LOS merged a lot of sepolicy's changes/fixes after their rebase. WE HAVEN'T merge that in by now.
So, ERRORS might come up, if you flash one of the new builds! Expect them.

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Current setup with AICP
Icon Uicons red
Magpie Substratum theme
S.I.X Substratum theme
Jayrod mega header pack

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Few of my custom walls hope you like...
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I want to know what bug they fix or any new features they update everyday but it doesn't show in the AICP OTA.
Can you guys give me a website that show AICP update features specifically pls?

I have an issue with AICPv 10 Lollipop. My green goes off during call y

No oneplus 3 in the last two updates with the substratum installed the error phone application. It happens to somebody else? Thanks


I've not seen a lot of talk about the HTC 10 in here so I'm hoping that is a good sign because that is what I have and I'm running the pme builds and having no trouble with it 

Hello, I have a question, does substratum themes supports aicp12.1?

Help custom Rom for Qualcomm MSM 8612 dual sim
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