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((Im feeling in the mood for a star wars rp, Ive been wanting to make one for awhile so here it is))

the war ended years ago there were no droids, no clones, no sith or Jedi, at least That's what the galaxy believed. People were still being born that where force sensitive but with no one to guide them there hidden talent when unknown and unrealized. One day a young (boy/girl) heard stories of powerful beings called Jedi and their enemies the sith, after hearing this you were using a stick to pretend you were a Jedi just for fun, you mimic using the force and focused but you knew nothing would happen but you tried anyway the small objects moved not much but just a little. At first you thought it was just your eyes messing with you so you tried again moving the object again. From then on you studied and learned how Jedi worked in secret since people thought you were crazy when you talked about Jedi being real, but one boy named Samuel believed you later sam tells you he too had the force but lacked knowledge to understand it, together you both studied Jedi ways but Samuel had grown interested in the sith wanting to learn about the enemy. You both promised each other that they wouldn't turn to the dark side and become Jedi masters together and bring back the Jedi order. Over years the two trained their force abilities together with the little information the two of them could gather until one day around the time the two were both confronted by an older woman who asked them why they were interested in Jedi once they told her there motives she said she was a jedi a few still remained but not many, she took the two of us and gave us real training even helped them get lightsaber yours being (your choice and Samuel getting a green one. After many years they grow into fine jedi even started to training more. They set up a base on a planet that wasn't inhabited everything was going as the two dreamed. Until something happened that changed. Samuel, your friend since youth had fallen in love, you tried to warned him that it wasn't something a jedi was supposed to do there was an argument and Samuel’s love got scared from the yelling and things being thrown she takes a ship and ran away since she wasn't a jedi she was scared she'd be attacked by the jedi, when Samuel found out she left he went after her even when you begged him not to go but he didn't listen and left. Sadly you didn't see him for a long time and you assumed he quit being a jedi. So you moved forward with doing everything you promised to do together with Samuel alone and became the head of the jedi, years passed and your friend had become a memory until you get reports Of jedI going missing, you decided to try to find out what was happening by going to the planets that that the jedi went missing.

-nothing sexual
-no one line replies
-must have a basic understanding of star wars
-have fun
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((Final Fantasy XIV based rp))
((Females only))
((You're the girl))

The two cries of twin Miqo'te filled the room, the midwife speechless as she had the two Miqo'te children, and looked at you with a glare.

Y\N, you didn't stay faithful to Ryoma, did you?

Her question raised a feeling of doubt. Ryoma, your husband to be, was off on a job. Why would you be unfaithful. Looking at you, the fear fading as she held the vabies, and handed them to you. The problem became apparent when you saw them- well, one of them.

In your arms, you held two twin miqo'te baby boys in your arms. Miqo'te had two sub breeds. The Seekers if the Sun, Dinurnal Cat like Miqo'te. You were a Seeker of the Sun. The other, the Dreaded Keepers of the moon, Miqo'te of Canine Similarities. One of your twins was a seeker of the sun, calming in the sunlight. The other one, the problem one, was a Keeper of the Moon, his screams intensifying in the Sunlight. He kept on screeching until you covered his eyes. He soothed eventually, especially thanks to your touch. His black ears going down, now lying on his white hair.

That night, the "problem baby" as you called it, was giggling at night as the other slept, you had gotten out of bed. You wondered as you held the babyin your arms on why did you reciceve him? Who was this kid's dad. Before Ryoma, there was another, a Keeper named Haru, well you dated him and Ryoma at the same time, but when you got pregnant, Haru left the photo.

One warm day, you walked to the river with the problem baby, cradling it in your arms. It was actually sleeping peaceful for once. You kneeled down, ready to set it in the river, and end your dilemna. Just as you moved it away, it began to whine, when it's fluffy tail hit the cold water, it crued softly looking for you to get warm. You thought, 'Was this right?'

((This rp starts with a decision, which leads to a timeskip after the first 15 comments))
((Ask and state name first))
((No reposts!!! If you ask for a repost, i will delete the message))

Why does this place seem dead? O.o IS there no one who's going to rp?

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"Come on, Emma, we're going to be late," An impatient voice spoke impatiently, as a pair of young woman ran towards a large dark palace that was straight up ahead. One of them wore a long blue gown, who ran on 2-inch blue heels, her long blonde hair bouncing against her pale shoulders,, as she hurried towards the large staircase, that was coming up fast. The other woman, a bit younger than the girl who had ran ahead, was trying her best to catch up. She had light brown chocolate skin, with golden eyes, which looked more worried than excited. She wore her golden maiden's dress, just something simple, with black ribbons, and a small bundle of red roses on her dark hair.

"Wait for me, Terry!" She called out, hurrying on her small black flats, which almost had her tripping against the cobble-stoned ground. Terry, the girl who had already made it to the gates of the Palace, yelled for her cousin to get a move on. Emerald finally made it to the gates, and soon the two were escorted inside, once showing their invitations.

"Alright, now look out for Prince Heinrich. I know he's around here somewhere..." Terry spoke excitedly, her lips curling into a sneaky grin, as she left Emerald in the large crowd of elegantly dressed people, who maneuvered around her, making her apologize too many times for being bumped into them. Another grunt, and she had bumped into someone who she didn't recognize.

"Whoa there Princess...I didn't think I'd see you here tonight..."

Things needed for this rp
A male character, who is a prince or some other reign.
Knows how to keep the story flowing.
Descriptive is a MUST!
No text talk, and please no shortening of words.
This is a Multi-Para RP, so I expect to see paragraphs, no one-liners.

Anyone up for the task at hand?

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Here is one of my characters. I had put it up before, but got my other account deleted. So, here's one of my characters I would be roleplaying as.
Name: Princess Emerald Staleura

Age: 22 (2200 years)

Gender: Female

Species: Morph

Place of birth/origin: Kingdom of Zauroran



Mother: Stella Staleura (Deceased)

Father: Warden Staleura

Sisters: None

Mate: None

Occupation: Princess of the Staleura Empire



Height: 6’1”

Weight: 100lbs.

Left or Right handed: She is right handed, but mostly uses both hands when dealing with her powers.

Hair colour and style: Her hair is longer than her shoulders, reaching her back, and is black in color. The style usually changes based upon her work for the day.

Eye color: Her eye colors are multi-changed. They change based upon her mood.

Clothing: She would wear long ballgowns of many colors, mostly dark and gold, and the rest of the royal apparel follows with a crown on her head, and her wings on her back.

Piercings/tattoos/markings: She holds a crescent moon on her right shoulder, and a sun on her forehead, symbolizing where she had come from.


Personality: Emerald is a sensitive young woman, who only takes things seriously if need be. She is kind, polite, and is very shy around ones she doesn't know. It's hard for her to open up when meeting new people. She can mostly express her thoughts and ideas with words, as saying anything verbally makes the whole situation uncomfortable. She can have mood swings, especially when it comes to writing her thoughts down on paper. She's happy one moment, and then depressed the next, but tries to get by with no complaint. She is also very emotional about alot of things, especially nature. Just walking through a meadow of flowers can bring tears to her eyes. She loves everyone she gets close to, and shows it in her own way.

Being together with her family

Bad Attitudes

Cheering People Up
Keeping faith
Using her powers for Good

Falling in love Easily
Being Used

Manipulation with the five elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Lightning)
Shape-shifting (Though she likes to stay in her human form at all costs.)

Emerald was born in the Kingdom of Zauroran. As a young girl, she had proven worthy of her powers, which impressed her father and the others who had seen her true power. The only problem she had, was controlling them, so she needed to be taught. As she continued to grow, her powers grew stronger, and she practiced everyday with her father, discovering new talents she had, and learning more about being a Princess, and the role she had to play. As time went on, had gone through hard times growing up in her father's kingdom. With all of the random relatives popping up out of nowhere, she saw overwhelmed with how much she had to deal with. New Kings and Queens shown up, wanting to become allies, as it was done. It wasn't long before she had to travel to bring other kingdoms in for allies, and with her doing so, she became more and more distant with her father. The kingdoms she met, everywhere she went, there would be someone related to her family, and she wouldn't find it in herself to hate them, as much as she had to others. Most of them were friendly, and others were no more than enemies, and some others she fell for, but saw right through them, and managed an escape from their greediness. Fights had rung out in a few kingdoms because of Emma's behavior, but the girl wouldn't take no for an answer. And now, she’s back into the new Kingdom, which is now the Staleura Empire, and is willing to help her father at all costs to get the Kingdom up and running again.

(The two pics are of Emma and her father, warden, and Emma alone.)
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Is everyone doing alright, today?

Yay! I'm back. ^^

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Quotes: "Fear is something that you should control, not letting it controlling you."

"My passion comes from fear actually..."

"You hurt and burn my friends, I'll hurt and burn you to death!"

Name: Blair Olsen.

Nickname: Blairy, Blaire and her heroic name Electria.

Gender: Female.

Date Of Birth: February 16th, 1989.

Sexuality: Almost straight.

Age: 28

Race: Human.

Occupation: Hero.

Appearance: Down below.

Personality: Hiding her electrical powers from strangers that she doesn't know.

Likes: Reading books, helping others, doing science projects, saving the world, decorating things, dancing, singing, listening to music, listening to musical instruments music, playing musical instruments, electrical weapons, listening to funny jokes, meeting new people, and working with The Avengers.

Dislikes: Enemies, cold water, villains that she hated the most, sex, smoking, taking drugs and listening to people's jokes that make fun of her.

Powers/Abilities: She has electrical powers that can control electrical things and also can kill some villains with her electrical powers.

Skills: She can only use her electrical powers but sometimes she can use a pistol to defend herself from anything that harms her.

Attitude: She is sometimes a bit weird to others, but friendly, loyal, protective and helpful to her friends.

Location:She lives in New York City alone once, but now she's joining with The Avengers to save the world.

Faceclaim/Voiceclaim: Elizabeth Olsen.

Bio/Backstory: Blair Olsen lives in New York City alone in her house when she was 17 years old. Her parents died in a plane crash when she was 6 years old until her care was with her grandparents. But at the age of 17, her grandparents passed away and she soon lived alone in her own house. She even go and have a job by selling smartphones, tablets, computers and laptops. Until when she's at the age of 28 as a young-adult, she was fired from her boss for not taking care of the shop properly and then that was when she doesn't have a job anymore. Blair loves to do science projects by herself whenever she's free in her free time. Then, Blair was thinking of selling her medical science formulas to everyone who needs medicines for themselves. One rainy night, while Blair was doing her science formula, a thunder strike stroked into Blair's formula from the roof and the formula fall onto Blair's body and Blair fainted. On the next morning, Blair woke up with electrical powers on herself all because of the formula mixed with the thunder strike and it's all mixed together into electrical powers. Blair was panicking in fear as her electrical powers started ruining her entire house inside. She tried to calm down, and as sooner or later as she calms down, the electrical powers stopped from her hands. Blair realized that she has to control and practice her electrical powers or not she might hurt an innocent person with her powers. So, after a long day managing to control her own powers from any strangers that she doesn't know, she met a girl who's the same age as her's named Catherine and the two of them soon became best friends. But Blair doesn't want to show her powers infront of Catherine or not something bad might happen. When Blair was having a sleepover in Catherine's house, Blair's powers have finally revealed infront of Catherine when she was frightened by Catherine's appearance infront of her. Blair begged Catherine on not killing her or anything else that she wanted to do or not, but Catherine didn't do anything bad on Blair. Instead, she promoted her to join The Avengers and even S.H.I.E.L.D too. Blair was trained to be a hero in S.H.I.E.L.D and joined The Avengers. Blair realized that Catherine has powers that can grow nature and Catherine was called as "Flowergirl". Blair was called as "Electria" because of her electrical powers and she and Catherine soon became partners together.
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//I guess I can do this... I don't know what happened to all the other people I was roleplaying with... And please make the story interesting... Or else I'll just get bored with it...
About 13 years ago. You were on your parents dock. Watching as boats come and go. At the time you were 12, and was curious about almost everything. You were born into a rich family. Your father, was the owner of a company. So, boats always had to come and bring in things your father had needed.

One day you saw what looked like a dark figure in the water. As you got closer you started to call out to it. Thinking that it was a person swimming in the water.

You: "Hey! You! Get out of the water! It's dangerous!"

The figure got closer. And out came a girl. Who looked to be around 17 or maybe even 18. She had yellow hair and pale skin. What surprised you was that you saw she had no legs. Instead. Fins! You then got up and screamed. But the girl then grabbed you by your hand and told you to be quiet.

Girl: "Shhh. Please don't be scared of me. I don't want to get found out!"

You: "Ahhh! M-m-monster!"

Girl: "Monster?! What are you talking about? I'm a mermaid... I'm no monster..."

You: "B-but in stories. Y-you guys make people fall in love with you! Th-then you drag them under that water! And kill them!"

Girl: "Kill them?! Listen here... I don't know where you heard that nonsense... But it's not true... I'd never do that! Especially to a young boy like you!"

You: "You promise?"

The girl then smiled warmly and nodded, she then wraps her pinky with yours.

Girl: "Promise! My name is Seira. What's your name?"

You: "My name is... (Y/N)"

Seira: "Nice to meet you!"

And after that started a beautiful friendship. Seira told you many things about mermaids. Like how the stories that you learned were all false. Mermaids were nice people. And they didn't have a good singing voice for all mermaids. In fact, Seira couldn't even sing at all. She also told you how mermaids don't age. And that she's been alive for thousands of years. You and Seira met up everyday on the beach, so nobody could see you and her.

But then one day Seira had stopped seeing you all of a sudden. You didn't know why. You got extremely worried. Thinking she had gotten hurt or something. After a day or two. You had learned that your father had found out about the mermaid species. And so, he searched for them and killed them. Thinking that they were s threat. Which they weren't.

You were extremely angry at your father. And finally knew why Seira stopped seeing you. It was because she was too scared.

After 13 years pass. You had finally become 25 years old. And still have no clue were Seira was anymore. But you still haven't forgotten about her.

Today you were on a boat. Travelling to London for a meeting. On your way there. The crew of the ship caught a dark figure in the ocean and decided to catch it with a net. As then brought the net up you saw a girl. Who was actually Seira. Seira was extremely frightened. And didn't know what to do. She thought she was going to die.

Seira: "N-no! Stop! Let me go!"

You: "S-Seira?!"

You then...


-Ok this was stuck in my head for awhile so I decided to just post it already.
-Male needed. Say rp name.
-Be interesting. Atleast one line.
-No text talk.
-Can be romance.

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N A M E:
Roui Park

A G E:

G E N D E R:

S E X U A L I T Y:

N A T I O N A L I T Y:

A P P E A R A N C E:
Roui has long light blonde hair, that appears to look light brown, pink, or even white. She has blue eyes and pale yet side skin. Almost like a baby. Roui enjoys wearing comfortable yet cute clothes, like dresses that aren't tight, or skirts with some sort of sweater.

P E R S O N A L I T Y:
Roui is a very sweet yet shy girl, and gets along with everybody. It is very rare for her to hate a person/object. And it takes a lot for her to go into "demon mode".

L I K E S:
~Cute things

D I S L I K E S:
~Sour food/candy (Like war heads)

B I O:
Roui lives in South Korea, Seoul. She lives with her two parents and goes to school like any other girl. Roui's best friend is Seira Lee, and has a cat named Dubu (Means tofu in Korean). She named her cat this because it was very chubby.

T H E M E S O N G:
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