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I wrote for The Nerdy Book Club and their "Pay it Forward" posts, which promotes the love of reading. Enjoy!

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For the first, time, we have a #WiWrites author share book talks focused on the teaching of writing! Wisconsin teacher and author, Susan Apps-Bodilly is the next featured author in the Wisconsin Writes series. See the link below for her writing process video, where she explains how she works through feedback from her critique group, along with her interview video, and a bonus video full of books she uses to teach different aspects of writing! 

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Do you have a high number of students in one or more classes? Wondering how to more effectively and efficiently confer with them? The following short post provided six quick ideas to revamp how you might go about conferring with students. Feel free to add to the list!

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The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction continues to recruit interested teachers to participate in the second year of the Enhanced Learning Maps project, an innovative program aimed at developing and implementing research-based instructional resources for English language arts and mathematics topics taught in grades 2–8. We are excited to partner with the Center for Assessment and Accountability Research and Design at the University of Kansas, where a team of educational researchers and former educators are leading development efforts and providing support to teacher participants.

You may already know a colleague participating in the Enhanced Learning Maps project and heard about how teachers are using the maps to individualize and guide their instruction. An informational brochure about the project can be found here: And, on the Enhanced Learning Maps website, you can see who is already participating in the project from our state:

For this cohort, we are specifically inviting teachers in grades 2-8 with an interest in mathematics instruction, and teachers in grades 2-5 with interest in English language arts instruction to apply. If we have vacancies from Cohort 1, we may invite applicants in a different grade/subject combination.

Participants get access to:

• Interactive maps for identifying where students are in the learning process
• Specially designed activities for eliciting evidence of student reasoning
• Supportive materials for interpreting student work and adjusting instruction on the fly
• Teacher notes that bring insights from the latest research about how students are likely to learn specific content
• Other benefits to participants can be found at:

Participants will be invited to a three-day summer workshop (June 21-23, 2017) in Kansas City, where they will receive training on accessing all materials via our easy-to-use online interface and learn how to use the materials in instruction. Participants will also receive ongoing support throughout the year from our dedicated support staff and may join periodic webinars and online discussions focused on specific instructional units.

Participating teachers will be expected to explore the Enhanced Learning Maps online interface and its tools, implement those tools in instruction, and complete feedback surveys at the conclusion of each instructional unit. These essential activities are estimated to require up to two additional hours of teachers’ time per unit, split between planning and grading times, with each unit to be taught over two to four days.

You may access the 2017 teacher application here: You must be available to attend the summer training workshop in order to participate. If selected, you and your supervisor will both be notified. If you have additional questions about the Enhanced Learning Maps project, please feel free to contact my office.

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Here are a few pictures from the Wisconsin Writes screening event in Madison. Wisconsin authors Jerry Apps and Susan Apps Bodilly attended, along with Wisconsin artist and writer, Micah Clarke. It was also March 14, Pi Day! Stay tuned for the public "release" of the Wisconsin Writes screening video and the bonus footage on the importance of reading as a writer. 
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I am thrilled to share the next featured author in the Wisconsin Writes series, Jerry Apps! Check out his writing process video and interview through the link below. Learn about how he got into writing as a profession, see how he manages several writing projects at the same time, and enjoy his message about the power of what can be accomplished with a story! 

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Check out The Learning Network's 4th annual student editorial contest. Students are free to choose a topic they care about, gather information, and write an editorial either individually or collaboratively. What a great platform for teaching the art of persuasion, gathering credible and reliable evidence, and writing for an audience!

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I love it when I stumble upon truly original concepts or ways to represent things in new ways. This gem from the Burns Film Center education resources showcases not only clips from different films that may align with something you are doing in class but a feature called the "visual glossary" that clearly shows, in real time, what different terms mean and how they are used while viewing these types of texts. Check it out!

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Celebrate teaching and teachers with #LoveTeachingWeek. Spread the love!

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There is still time to apply for the Every Teacher a Leader Summit this April! Check out to apply
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