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Accounting Services: Key Person Of influence

Most Certified Public Accountants (CPA's) have a college degree in accounting - it's difficult to pass the exams required to become a CPA without that base of knowledge. However, if you're already an accountant, or are willing to go back to school to learn how to do it, it makes a great home-based business

First, determine the extent of the services you want to provide: Do you want to do simple bookkeeping for local businesses? Or actually work up income statements, balance sheets and financial reports? Once you've decided how involved of an accountant you want to be, the first step is to create a home office with all of the equipment you'll need (computer, accounting software, calculator, office supplies, etc.) Next, you need to advertise your service! Start with some simple fliers and get your name out there with local businesses!

As a CPA, you can specialize within the field. You'll still perform basic accounting tasks - preparing and verifying financial documents to provide necessary information to your clients. But you may find you're drawn to specific duties such as preparing taxes, consulting for companies in areas like compensation or health care benefits, forensic accounting (investigating bankruptcies and other complicated financial events) or public sector accounting, which analyzes and audits government records.

Electronics Repair: A Key Person Of Influence

The world has moved past the desktop and laptop computer, now mp3 players, smartphones and tablets have come to dominate the average person time spent using electronics. With all of these gadgets out there, someone has to know how to fix them.

Being in electronics repair is similar to computer repair, but you'll specialize in many different brands and formats of gizmos and devices people use on everyday basis. Many computer repair businesses also branch out into electronics repair. One of the key differences between these businesses is that with computer repair, you'll often need to make house calls to fix people's computers in their offices or living rooms. With electronics repair, you'll most likely need to have people bring their devices to you, because there are slightly lower margins and it'll be more difficult to recoup travel costs if you're visiting someone's home just to fix their broken iPad.

Consumer electronics - especially those made by Apple - can be very difficult and expensive to work on, so ti's a good idea to apprentice yourself to an electronics repair technician before striking out on your own.

Event Planning: A Key Person Of Influence

Around the world, the event planning industry is worth almost half a trillion dollars, and it only grows more and more every year. it is a stressful, fast-paced job with a need for people with excellent managerial skills, but it makes for a great home-based business.

Event planners handle everything from celebrity parties to nonprofit galas to art house raves to corporate sponsorship events. The event planner does it all - administration, operations, supplies, logistics, finances, the mark of an excellent event planner is that no one who attends the gathering has any idea how much hard work went into it. You'll be responsible for locating event sites, handling caterers and bar staff, scheduling and managing entertainers and decorators, seating charts and more.

The first thing you need to figure out is what kind of event planner you want to be. Event planners usually specialize in certain events, like weddings, corporate events, sports events, etc, It's good to have an area that you really excel in, so that you become the "go-to" person whenever anyone is putting on an event.

This is a very specialized line of work - it's a lot more than just throwing a party - and people benefit greatly from education and training. Check your local community college to see if they offer a Bachelor's Certificate in Event Planning.

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Bedrock: Family and community focus Insight into Trisha D. Lemery, President & CEO of Winsert, Inc. This was take from +Insight on Business the News Hour and is great insight into a true business leads.

Excerpt: Bedrock: Family and Community focus

Even though Lemery is laser-focused on keeping her company successful, she’s equally passionate about building a stronger community, and her family is the catalyst for that passion.

Lemery is a highly energetic, self-described Diet Coke addict who stays up late looking at Pinterest. She’s absorbed her daughters’ affinity for the band One Direction. Lemery and her husband, Todd, who is a firefighter, have a blended family of four children, and she loves to talk about each of them and their personalities. Her community giving and charitable work often focus on improving the lives of young people.

It’s an unfortunate statistic that Marinette has one of the highest rates of heroin use in Wisconsin. The community has taken important steps such as adding a drug rehabilitation court, and the issue has been spotlighted by state Rep. John Nygren, whose daughter Cassie was affected by heroin addiction.

It’s a terrifying problem that Lemery and her husband know too intimately. Their oldest daughter also suffered through a heroin addiction several years ago. She has since recovered and is living out of state, getting a fresh start with a new career.

“I know it’s a nasty topic that people want to brush underneath the rug, but you can’t,” Lemery says. “You’ve got to address it head on and recognize that there’s a problem.”

Lemery has worked to do exactly that. Winsert helped bring former NBA player Chris Herren, a recovering drug addict, to speak at area schools. The company also offered a five-year sponsorship of the Arts & Crafts room at the DAR Boys and Girls Club in Menominee-Marinette.

That commitment has allowed the club to hire an arts teacher and expand its programs, says Rich Crevier, director of the club. “It’s by far the busiest room that we have,” he says.

“It gets to be more than just arts and crafts — (Winsert has) really helped us save the lives of some of these children,” Crevier says. “(Kids) come here because they feel welcome. I think that alone is helping us keep a lot of kids off the street.”

Winsert is involved in helping other organizations such as Rainbow House, as well as charity drives through area churches and the fire department where Todd Lemery works.

“That’s what my parents instilled in us is that whole paying-it-forward and giving-it-back idea,” Lemery says. “And my parents are probably the most generous people I’ve ever met.”

Paul Dickinson, who calls himself a pro-athlete wannabe, is helping to raise funds for Type 1 diabetes care in emerging nations this summer by riding in the Haute Route, a “grotesque” bike race through the mountains of Europe. (To compare, he calls the 300-mile SAGBRAW “laid back.”)

Lemery says Dickinson also works closely with the Boys and Girls Club on a number of charitable efforts. She says she’s grateful that she and her family can give back.

“If you can save one child and allow them to become a successful adult, we have achieved our mission, in my opinion,” Lemery says. “You can’t expect to save everyone — it’s unreasonable. But if you can help as many as you can and if they’re receptive to that help, that’s a beautiful combination. So we’ll continue doing that.”

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When it comes to running a successful business, one of the most important (yet often overlooked) aspects is having patience. We are living in a society where we expect results instantly. Success is not microwaveable!

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Hello everyone,I would like to thank you for accepting me into the community. I deliver various of ITES projects.
I would love the opportunity to be of service to anyone and look forward to learning and networking with all.
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