Who the fuck eats spaghetti

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Hello guys I just Did a Speed drawing of MOTHER FUCKING RICK Himself
And The Beauty of the drawing is that It is an 8bit Version of him so please check it out YOU ARE GUARANTEED TO ENJOY IT

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((open rp.))

sitting at a bar Brittney sat alone just hanging out and relaxing after a hard days work

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Quotes: "hi there!" "I'm pollux from the dimension S-177!" "Sorry if I'm so hyper I just can't help myself!"


Nick names:polly,space cat

Age:190(20 in human years)


Personality:bubbly,upbeat,but vicious when threatened or in self-defense

Goals:finding a new home to save her family and race from extinction

Fears:her family and race becoming extinct and long forgotten


Species/Race:polymus carvena

Gender: female

Likes:new things,adventuring,sweets,and affection

Dislikes: chaos,despair,death,betrayal,being small,poachers,being left behind

Weakness/flaws/limits: pollux can only create wormholes every ten years,thats why she uses it in dire situations,though abled to live on forever she is not immortal,she sometimes does things she doesn't mean to do usually when panicked

Powers: travel through space,create wormholes,levitate,mimic sounds and voices

Realm/home:polymosis flonowa(S-177)

Bio:pollux,also known as "Polly" is snake-taild cat in dimension S-177,though abled to live for centuries,pollux's kind we're often hunted down due to their flesh and blood being expensive in black markets, and is health beneficial when consumed,from this pollux ran away and went to look for a new home where her friends will thrive and no longer fear dieing one by one.
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((NSFW 19+))

brittney is working in the strip club all over the pole, but in her mind she wishes she was and never is alone ever all the time, just to have a good time with someone


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Want anyone make a RP ? I open for all..

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I'm new

Name: joker




Personality: romantic, funny, smart, helpful, clumsy

Alignment: ninja, thief, hero assassin

Morphs: human


Weapon1: sword

Weapon2: two magnum guns

Weapon3: wisq blaster

Utility1: phantom mask


Phantom swords slicer

Attributes (Like Enhanced Stamina, Not Considered a Power) :

Skills: ninja, sneaky,

Powers: phantom energy

Biography: I'm always be a pleasure man on the big, but I'm not that pleasure, it was all begin when I met that the scientist named rick Sanchez, he is badass and he always do a lots of crazy adventures...and I love it, so be a gentlemen I am, I decided I became his friend, thief, hero, assassin, this is how the way I like it

But there's more important than that, I want to become first rank assassin, who knows, it could be badass, it could be dangerous, but I'll handle it, I'll can handle everything!

If y'all have a PlayStation controller, press the x button, and let the blood shed begin!
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