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This week Karl is joined by +Dean Murphy to discuss his new iPad Pro 10.5 and go over the weeks Apple related news.

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This week original co-host Ric McCorriston returns to the show and joins Alan Vickers, Dean Murphy and Karl Madden to take a look at further discoveries following last week's WWDC. 

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Following WWDC this week +Storm Garelli and +Don McAllister join me to discuss all the announcements and updates.

Anyone else think we need a travel charger for the Apple Watch? Just the puck but with a lightning socket instead of with a cable attached. 

Is there a way to stop my iPhone from automatically playing music every time I hook it up to charge in my car?

Great to hear everyone on the 100th Birthday show. As for the discussion of the state of Social Media - don't you think that the attitudes that are prevalent on Twitter etc are simply a reflection of what's happening in the wider 'real world.' It seems that it's now Ok to lambast others for their views without any consideration for their feelings. It also seems that things that were taboo are now Ok - at least that's how it seems to me.

Seems a very sad state of affairs altogether!!

Bring back being civil to one another I say

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It's a changed format but the Mac & Forth Show returns to the podcasting....err.....feeds. 

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It's that time of the week again.

Film of the week is
The Water Diviner by Russell Crowe

Bonus film is
Sexy Beast by Jonathan Glazer

Series of the week is
Once Upon a Time, Season 1 by Once Upon a Time

And book of the week is
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

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The MacHeads documentary is now available online for free.

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I just took delivery of four Nut 2 Bluetooth Tracker Tags
About 35mm square and perhaps 4mm at the thickest, complete with spare battery, little elastic lanyard and a genuine 3M sticky pad. All mine are white though they come in a slightly muted orange or a mint/pistachio green too.
Usual thing - pair to the app on the phone and you can ping the tag from the phone if in range, press the button on the tag to ping the phone, check the last location of the tag on the map, have the tag and/or the tag sound off if they become "disconnected" ie separated by too large a distance, etc.
Everything seems to work as expected and my only initial niggle is that the "audible alarm" (aka beeping) of the tag isn't very loud. However as I mostly want to use them to locate mislaid items like keys, purses, hats, etc inside my house that's not a huge problem.
Plus at the asking price of just £7.95 each and with free shipping they were less than half the pice of competitors such as TrakR Bravo, MyLupo, Tile, etc
I'd say that's a pretty good deal
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