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And the story of an entrepreneur in an e-mail ...

A young unemployed. In office, he is looking for a job around the office. When in front of the office: Office Boy needed.

The young man went in and saw that some are waiting for the job. Managed to get the interview went well yubakata board. One asked him: Leave your e-mail address below. We'll be in touch later.

The young man said: 'I do not have e-mail addresses, let alone computers.

Tester said: I mean, you do not have your e-mail address does not exist. You do not need us

Frustrated young man came out. A little here and there around the pocket in which it bought a basket. And some vegetables to sell and buy houses, the ferry began. At the end of the day could be seen. All have been better off than some. Thus was the encouragement to continue. A year later he bought a van. A few days later he bought more than a flimsy lari. Thus, on the go at one time she sold vegetables became one of the great holaselare.

Now think about the future ekataunta banking, insurance, etc., to open ekataunta thought. First, they decided to buy a flat. A broker sold the flat to him. After the final speech broker told him: Give your e-mail address below. Some pictures of our different-sized flats will e-mail. You can go to live like crazy.

The young man said: 'I do not have any e-mail address.

I heard it with great surprise broker. What say? You are the owner of such a company, you do not have an e-mail address? What is an e-mail edresai know what you could make?

The young man said to Silence: e-mail, I could not make nothing more than an office boy.
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