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Hello prospectors , I am a total rookie at the prospect in g thing so please forgive me if I f up and ask stupid stuff . Anyhow I am here in the gold fields of nor Cal , and seek info . Is it a waste of time to walk along river with metal detector ? Or should I just be panning , I'd gold only in black sands ? Any help would be great .

Thinking about using a metal detector to find gold here in New Mexico... any thoughts regarding metal detecting for gold?

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Not a bad day

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I spend my holiday in South France, got 2,7 grams of that nice stuff in a few days. Much luck to all you prospectors!
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years ago i started gold prospecting in norway. that went well and i found my first gold. past summer we went to estonia that was beatiful to! this summer we ill go to scotland and see what it brings us :)
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Headed to the stream...spoils to follow

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Just finished my jumbo highbanker for testing in alaska,,this thing uses some serious water,
10 ft long 16 inches wide flip wire basket classifier.should perform well
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Hot sale Gold Mine Suction Dredger
This equipment was driven by the water cycle high-speed rotary motor, a certain concentration of the slurry is injected into the water put on the Ministry of the heavy metal objects under the combined effect of centrifugal force and water comprising a pressure water to stay within the grid, heavy metal objects can adjust the recoil pressure of the water to select the proportion of heavy minerals collected and particle size, converge to a certain amount of discharge by the concentrate export. Light minerals from the tailings from the tailings brings together the barrels of pooled discharge from the tailings chute.
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