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Cada día nuevas noticias de contactos o señales de los extraterrestres nos indican que existen e intervendrán más adelante.
Lee la narración de alguien que conoció a los #Extraterrestres. Solicita el libro gratuito en este link.

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Hybrid/Starchild Asking For Help!
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Linda Raya Message: I feel Called to do hypnosis to clear out some of My memory blockages from My ET Contacts, and I need a computer and a camera to get My message out more clear and professional, and I Also Would like to build a website. I’m asking for donations Because I don’t have Any money for this. If you want to donate, you can also help me via PayPal…
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Dramatic change in the Orange Orb phenomenon.  In my book on Orange Orbs (The Complete Story of the Worldwide Invasion of the Orange Orbs) I studied the orange phenomenon for the decade of 2003 - 2013 in the United States.  Below is a chart from my book setting forth the data I gathered.  I recently researched the data for the year 2014 and was stunned by what I found.

As you can see in the chart, the orb sightings increased dramaticallyfrom 2003 to 2013 ... going from 5 orb sightings in 2003 to 868 sightings in 2013.  The yearly increases were significant.  In 2014, the trend suddenly and dramatically changed as you can in the updated chart.  The orb sightings dropped in the United States from 868 in 2013 to 410 in 2014.

Some of the particular states showed a huge drop in sightings in 2014. New York dropped from 26 to 7 orbs.  Missouri went from 88 to 16.  Iowa from 28 to 2.  There were a few increases among the states such as South Carolina going from 8 to 15 but this was the anomaly. 

The overriding question is, of course, Why?  What was the reason those who are orchestrating these very regulated, daily orb appearances in the world's skies, decided to suddenly pull out over half of the vehicles previously committed to the US skies? 

If they are no longer flying in our skies, where are they flying?  I am in the process of studying worldwide shifts of orb sightings.  This is very difficult at the present time because of the varying quality of reporting around the world.  I will soon have a format available to do this study at a level available in the US.  MUFON USA has undertaken a project to create a unified, worldwide UFO reporting system that will change UFO research dramatically when it's completed.

I will offer my working hypothesis on what is going on ... to be tested when I have the research format to do so.  I suggest that the extraterrestrials who are carrying out the orange orb appearances concentrated on the US as the first stage of its operation.  I surmise that they are now deploying a large portion of the former US orbs to other parts of the world.  The inadequate data I gathered in my research for my book indicated that there were far more reported orbs over the US than anywhere else in the world.  Whether that means we did have many more orbs in our skies or that we simply had better reporting systems remains to be seen.  What we do know, however, is that the extraterrestrials have dramatically changed their strategy on orb appearances.  I will report back when I make more headway in determining what they are up to at this juncture.


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This is a great "Splitting" orange orb video.  It also shows a larger orb reabsorbing a smaller orb.  I explain how this works in my book, "The Complete Story of the Worldwide Invasion of the Orange Orbs."  I viewed thousands of videos in the research for my book and this one, filmed earlier this week, is one of the best I've ever seen regarding this facet of the orange orb phenomenon.

Terry Ray

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