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Hey there! Welcome to Star Wars Universe RP! I'm Azubuike Enitan, you can call me Azu for short. I'm the original Owner here, and thanks for taking time to read the Community's Introduction Post.

To get things started, do not be afraid to ask questions. I, and all the rest of the Moderators are here to help you out and make sure you can have the best experience you can have here. So please don't hesitate to ask if you're confused about something.

All of the links to the right and below are to help you get started here, I implore you all to read everything there is in each of the tabs, it's there to help you and make things easier.

Please adhere to all the rules. As I said they're here to make things easier for you and the community as a whole. Like with most communities please tag a Moderator or myself to alleviate the problem for you. If, however, you have a problem with a MODERATOR, then you either tag ANOTHER Moderator or ME to have the two discuss the problem and decide what the outcome will be. This is to prevent the Moderator from upsetting you, and you from upsetting the Moderator.

Below this are several links that will help you get started, in case you cannot see the Community Info-post.

Current Year is 617 ABY

Episode X:!/AKQDQkdTAyHKUgYQsnTl


Character Template:


Rules Regarding Death:

Invention System:

Ability Training:

Regarding Lightweapons:

Stages of Lightsaber Combat:

Grand Titles:

List of StarWars slang, insults, profanity, etc.

Bounty Template:

Lightsaber Creator:

THAT'S IT FOR NOW GUYS! Let's get things up and running. I want this place to be active~!!!! So share the community, tell a friend! Share the community AND tell a friend! I want this to be the most active Star Wars community on G+! So that we finally have a legitimate place for all of us Star Wars fans to RP! Make profiles! Post RPs! Make ideas for Arcs! Let's get started!


Thank you for joining and contributing to this awesome place for Star Wars fans to gather. Here we encourage RPing, Star Wars news, and fun for all. Once we reach a substantial amount of members I'll begin the immersive story line I have cooked up for this place. Again, the links to the right of this post should get you started and the ARCHIVES tab should catch you up on the events of our beloved Star Wars Universe. Again, thank you for joining and contributing, and finally, make sure to have fun!

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So, Raibu decided she wanted to make a new Star Wars comm, and I figured I was going to help her out, because why not? We're working on it now, and if any of the old gang is interested we'd be glad for the help.

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If anyone wanted to checkout the new comm, here it is. It's still very much a WIP, and stuff needs to be sorted out, but it'll get there. So anyone who wanted to join, just request, and I'm sure the mods will help you out

It's funny we're still approving people.

Are we ever going to do something?

"I’m an ethical mercenary I have no bias I never take anything personal,My contracts my word I will complete it or die trying and I never compromise my ethical code and I break the rules when necessary.”

[ Name: ]

[ Faction: ]
He’s a mercenary with an ethical code

[ Rank: ]

[ Species: ]

[ Age: ]

[ Gender: ]

[ Sexual Orientation: ]

[ Height: ]

[ Weight: ]

[ Eye Color: ]

[ Hair Color: ]

[ Skin Complexion: ]
Dark (looks southeast Asian)

[ Credits: ]
Over 9000

[ Marks/Scars: ]
Missing an eye wears eye patch

[ Force Sensitive: ]

[ Strength: ]
Has muscular build gained from constant warfare.

[ Dexterity: ]
Very quick reflexes

[ Constitution: ]
Kept up do to constant fighting.

[ Intelligence: ]
Avid learner of alien and galactic culture and history. Well educated and a bit of a tactician

[ Wisdom: ]

[ Charisma: ]
Not very charismatic unless sarcasm counts

[ Force Powers: ]
Push,choke,saber throw,lighting.

[ Skills: ]
Skilled in two handed lightsaber combat from years of practice.

Skilled martial artist he skilled in a variety of hand to hand combat technique open hand no weapons.

Very skilled with blasters using the force to help guide his shots and reflexes to shoot faster than the enemy.

Good with stealth missions.

[ Lightsaber/Sword Forms: ]
Jar Kai and markeesh

Skilled fighter and tactician poor social skills and not much of a team player.

Light battle armor that's made from flexible materials making him able to fight the way he does while being protected.
Two lightsaber blades
Two blaster pistols sometimes a rifle and or sniper.

Does your character have a personal ship? If so, describe it in moderate detail (what does it look like, what can it do, what types of weapons and engines does it have, etc.).

Does your character have any pets? If so, what are they?

His personality is quite cold and calculating do to his years of war. These years have physically and emotionally scarred him. He doesn't smile often. He's is cold and calculating being able to kill fifty people without hesitation. Though I'd very strict with his ethical code and won't break under any circumstances. When he accepts a job he makes a promise and will not break that promise making him very stubborn. Lastly he is none to be quite sarcastic.

In two to three paragraphs (six sentences each), describe your characters backstory up to the point you started RPing him/her. Be sure to update this section as the role-play continues.
Söldner started out as a jedi when he was young ling he was a very bright and hopeful student. However he always wanted to out and fight for the republic it was in his blood. Still he learned much and really soaked in the knowledge.

(This next section I wasn't to sure on the details of previous wars in this community)

One day the war between the republic and the empire broke out. Söldner was deployed with a group of soldiers by this time he was a knight. Him and his men charged into the battle and achieving victory. Moral was very high.

Later him and his men were deployed to Kalee where they had to deal with a militia force known as the Kaleeitcong along with enemy troops. They landed in the jungles of the world and were immediately ambushed. They were surrounded but held out long enough. Heavy casualties had already struck them. On another patrol Söldner watched as his commanding officer stepped on a landmine. The explosion scattered the man's charged body parts all over the place. Söldner was given command.

The group then added on the attack of an urban city. A sniper from an unidentified building opened fire killing several of them. The sniper kept firing at them until Söldner and his men breached the building. Then the sniper was shot in the ribs and fell to the ground wounded. Söldner walked over to the sniper to see it was a little girl no older then 12. She was breathing hard begging for them to kill her and end the pain. After several minutes of intensity Söldner did it. Taking a pistol and ending the girl's life shooting her in the head. Moral was very low after that

Then in the final instance his group was engaged in a battle around a village deep in the jungle. Heavy casualties hit them from all around and Söldner comforted his dieing second in command to his untimely death. Then a republic air strike came in a little too close and the keelitcong struck harder. Söldner himself was to wounded to do anything all survivors end up captured.

On captures his captors brutally tortured him every day. They starved him and beat him trying to get him to tell them information. He refused so they removed one of his eyes. He still held out. Then they started everyday by slowly torturing one his men to death. He heard the horrific screams that didn't even sound human. They fid this go all his men on the last day taunting him with severed body parts of one of them and they had used his lightsaber to do it. They mocked him and laughed at him.

He was greatly angered and saddened and he couldn't take it anymore. He broke using the force to snap the neck of one of them. He then took the lightsaber and freed himself from his chains. He then used the force to brutally crush another man. He went about the base killing multiple people. Before a republic air strike flew in thinking it an enemy base.

He barely survived the airstrike and was left in the care of good willing villagers who nursed him back to health. He still had light sabers luckily as the keelitcong were looking for him. He escaped the village and ran into the jungle. However he wanted no more part in this war or part of any cause any more. He was done with it. He made that real clear when he returned to the base especially as he and his captured men had all been marked KIA when they were captured.

So he left and continued studies of his own in the force. He didn't care if he was light or dark any more. Then he became a mercenary with an ethical code. He didn't serve one master or only those causes he choose. He was paid well for his skills doing anything from rescuing prisoners to clandestine assassinations. He felt free finally to do whatever he wanted.

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So...... apparently we were wrong? Vitiate/Valkorion wasn't stronger than Revan. They were equals. As shown by this section from the Revan book.

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[]Update on the militarization of Kiffex A.K.A. Project Mallard[]
(I don’t care if the comm is dead I still needed to get this one last thing out, especially if the comm springs back into action, if ever)

The militarization of Kiffex was finished 17 days ago, but the Republic has not been notified because the day to day lifestyle has not come back to what it used to be. Once all people have moved back into the cities the Republic will be notified.

All units in small bases have been recalled back to Kiffex, and those bases sold to the government of planet on which they were on. (Millions+ of credits were made)

All Cities and towns on Kiffex have been have been rebuilt as “impenetrable” fortresses. Each city has multiple planet class ion cannons, multiple shield generators, and 1000++ Praetorian Military Units. Each town also has factories producing weapons, armor, military vehicles, and Star Destroyers (Each city does not have all of these, only two factories per city)

The planet itself has a planetary defense system and a planetary shield. It also has every single fleet except the main base fleets, the ones on jobs, and the ones “scouring” (I couldn’t find the right word) the galaxy.

The rebuilding of the Malevolence
Once the wreckage had been secured the, Pmc bought (with its vast income) all the parts that needed to be replace from clone wars tech to the newer advanced tech, which is Corrupted lettering. The Malevolence should be rebuilt, in the advanced shipyard in Kiffex Base, by the end of this month give a couple of days/weeks. The Pmc could only find one of the two electromagnetic pulse plate that were originally on the ship, and the cost on two newr emp plates of that size was too extreme so Kalub decide to refurbish the one they had and to place it on the left side of the ship.

Kalub lied, every single able bodied male and female fit for service are now all sleeper soldiers, they went through basic training, weapon and explosive training, vehicle training, and interrogation resistance training. The Praetorian Military Company now has a planet of soldiers and enough weapons and armor to equip them all. (within the coming weeks. Approx. 3 weeks from completion)

All Republic agents have been tagged and killed, the agent have been replaced with Pmc agents who send the republic false info.

The Praetorian Military Company logo (because I never actually had one):

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Can someone make a lightsaber for me pls-
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