Game still running in progress, but we have some news.
The game will be released along side 5 new DLC addons,

-Radiant Warrior
-Time of Truth
-Eye for an Eye

All free for download, details about them coming soon, stay tuned! ;)

Hi Everyone

The demo for TOE, is.almost ready, if you want to get the demo post your email adress here and i'll send if to you. I cannot share it on Google Drive because reasons :P

It's just 4 weeks away everyone...

Hello Everyone

We haven't died yet!, we're still progressing making the game (demo too), our idea was to make the demo a bit longer for you guys to enjoy until the release of the game. Until then, peace

Hello Guys

The game's demo is delayed for a bit because we found some serious bugs and some issues within the game. :/ . It may take up a week or two to solve them. We'll try to solve them quickly as possible!

Stay Tuned!

Everyone, send your gmail to me, so i can send a copy of the demo and the full version to your mail (If you have done certain things). Keep waiting folks!, the Demo is almost here!

Hello Everyone!, a quick update....

The Demo of ''The tales of Expellion'' is almost here!
The Demo includes a small insight on the beginning of the story, it's mechanics and it's full potential!. Link to it is coming soon to the community page. We hope that the full game will enjoy all of you for times to come!

                        -There's only one thing thats more powerful
                 Than the eternal darkness....hope,- The Hero (You)

Finally guys!, here is some info about how's the game going to be.

First of all, i want to thank ''Yanfly Engine'' and ''Himeworks'' to create this awesome game by the inspiration their videos and their idea's gave me.

''The tales of Expellion'' will be all about the hero (you) and you embark on a journey where you'll meet many other characters. But it won't be the standard RPG theme: Meet them on your road to your destiny!, no. You will start the main story with your hero and then you have to
continue the game by fellowing the tales of the other characters (in a world of chaos and destruction) and somewhere in the game, all of them meet each other (coincidence or fate?) and then they decide to battle darkness to the bitter end!

Now here comes the difficult part of the game. The game is loaded with many choices you have to make. Each choice has great impact on the story. The game is tailored by how you play. There are also some crucial choices you have to make in the game wich greatly affect the story of Expellion.

The game will be fully locked and loaded with tough bosses and ferocious enemies, but the many items, weapons and armor will help you in your battle against darkness! ^_^.

In the future, i will create special versions of the game wich include DLC's of the game (separate chapters of the game) wich you can play for a mere 1.00 $/€ (or less when not special). And if you ask: The game will have sequels!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them on the page! ^_^

-Playable teaser coming soon!

-Tales of Expellion Coming winter 2016

Hello Everyone!

Here's the story of the game (may change in the process) but this is most likely gonna be the main summary of the game.....

Millions of years ago, far away in the galaxy was the beautiful planet of ''Expellion''. It was home to numerous of ancient civilizations who lived in peace down there. That all was until a dark menace showed up and reigned chaos and terror in the once peaceful planet. A bloody and cold war started between demons and mankind. Villages, towns, castles and even entire kingdom's fell to the power of darkness. A war has broken out, to decide the fate of mankind's existence....

Years have passed and the darkness has almost won....until, unexpected hero shows up....

Could it be you?

-The Tales of Expellion coming Winter 2016

React and reshare if you can, I'd really appreciate it! ;)

Hello Everyone!

The game "The Tales of Expellion" will be created with the RPG Maker MV engine and will be released for the PC and Mac versions.Android and IOS will be released after the PC release. The game's plot and it's components will be shown on the page next week :), and I'll only tell you this: It's going to be epic!

Have a good day!

Welcome to the Official page of the game 'The Tales of Expellion'. Here you can stay up to date and get the latest news from the game here. In the future, this page may become also part of other games i will create. This will contain links for demo's and full versions of the games will be hosted on (possibly) Google Drive or elsewhere

Have a good time, and i wish everybody a happy new year and a excellent 2016!
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