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I'm collecting stories about what you should have learned & what you shouldn't have learned about programming. Send them to me at

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no todavia no quiero compartir contenido, solo quiero por favor pedir una ayuda para aprender a programar en la plataforma Netbeans, y empezar haciendo un programa para biblioteca. gracias

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One of my students was faced with this screen when he launched Netbeans for the first time. The odd thing is that everyone else in my computer lab was able to start coding without an issue.

Can you help me? I want to work in my language with my students. I downloaded NetBeans 8.2. Where can I change the language?

hey guys,
I need help in something, how I could use terminal to run a program , I know there is no for that but I need to enter some of inputs to program in same moment I run the program .
like in UNiX using shell, doing : [./help some inputs]

hiiiiiiii guys
pls pls pls
i need to help me
i need code source of TOWER OF HANOI :)
but with graphe :'(

help help help
code source of tower of hanoi with graaaphe :'( in Netbeans
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