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@bebejean6 😻
plz watch this is one of my best musical.lys ever!

Hey guys we have 100 members! Let's celebrate!

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Look at the musical.ply video and plz like and comment!

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Hi EVERYONE!! My name is Lucy Arganbright and yesterday I just got the app !!! Yay! I already know how it all works (except for the live parts!!πŸ˜‰) and got a lot of followers. My account is a private account. My musername is lucyawesome.5 !
I ❀ and no one can deny it!!

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Plz click on the link it is me singing!😁

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Boomerang parody
Its jojo siwa

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It does that to me also I think it's setup that way
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im having a problem wit my whenever imscrolling thru my liked vids, it wont continue after a certain video and the video freezes. i slowed down on scrolling and tried to watch every single video but it doesnt seem to be working plz help

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One of my latest features follow: OfficialBryceXavier
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