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Tripp Lee

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+Christopher Marcin, +Jeffery Eide, +Jay Unruh, +Aliyah Giles,
And don't tell me that:


Look. I know this is weird, but I need to ask a favor of all of you:
Yup, that was it. Did you know that it actually takes less muscles in your face to smile than to frown? I know; sounds illogical... But look it up if you don't believe me!
You probably just did right?
I know mind blown!!!!(sound effects)
Do me another favor:
Do it again.
haha! Got you didn't I?
Well do it more often. Because when you do it, others do it, too.

Just to inform u all I'm not a hippy, i dont LOVE people and i dont dont think that all the world needs is Peace,Love, and Happiness...
I just love Jesus and think that the world needs people like me who are willing to shake them awake if i have to... Look, ok... I love dance and what not; only for a form of expression(to clarify i mean nothing like ballet), same with music. I have more music than anyone i know. I love to beat up the bag(sometimes people), i love to do art that has meaning, and most of all i love escaping reality with my peeps. Know that I am blunt... with everything... i will spread Jesus' name anywhere I can. i and Jesus care for u and ur well being. Dont mistake me with a softie, cause we will fight.
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