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There is no profile template because of the community this is bit that doesn't mean you don't need it. Please create profile so we can get this community up and running.

I got this from a brilliant mind (that Google+ won't let me tag) so here goes the idea... if you want to become a moderator you need to fill out an application once that is fine I will approve it or disapprove it, with reason. The application will need to be posted in correct category. Application Template can be found in the comments... good lock

~owner babydoll ❤

you are allowed to approve a profile or tell them what they are missing but DO NOT approve people into the community! I will do that personally.

If something is marked a spam please deal with it immediately.

If found any trolls please ban and notify the other moderators so that person stays away from our community. (That is out of rp! If they are in character and it's just the characters personality leave them be!)

Please remind people of the rules in a polite way.

And have fun!

~Thank you! babydoll❤
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