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February 10th. A day, that shall live on in the history of this land. The day they took her and laid waste to the kingdom. The day a small group set out to find her, and change our lives forever.
This was the day everything changed.

It was a normal day to begin with. Joyeu doing wonders on the maid's paycheck, Gin being stalked, Tamashi reading with Tamaki... And the King and Queen sitting in their thrones.

Soon a messenger rushed in, shoving past the guards. "We're under attack!! There's an army on their way as we speak!", The messenger yelled, his coyote tail tucked between his legs and his eyes wide with fear.

The King jolted up from his seat. "WHAT!?" He boomed, shocked, as his fur pricked up in distress. The thundering voice of the king echoed through the palace as he barked orders, animals of all sorts rushing all over the place in a frantic mess.

The Queen, in the meantime, was rushing Tamashi, Gin, and Tamaki into a bunker beneath the castle. As she went over who was there, she realized one child was missing.


The Queen rushed out of the bunker, warning the others to stay hidden. The enemy had already invaded the kingdom, killing many, and were marching toward the castle this moment. Joyeu was oblivious. The queen rushed upstairs, calling for her daughter. Then she heard it.

Joyeu's music box.

She rushed upstairs to find Joyeu playing her music box the queen herself had given her, and an armored black wolf stalking towards her from behind. The queen yelled for Joyeu to run, and Joyeu lifted her head in response. The black wolf turned his attention to the queen and growled a low, menacing growl. The queen backed away, scared, but brave. She growled back, and snapped at the wolf.

The enemy wolf tackled her, pinning her and killing her quickly and with such strength that it snapped the Queen's neck. He turned his attention back to Joyeu, when he heard a long, loud roar. He lifted his head, his ears pricking up and his deep red eyes gleaming. It ended, and he quickly picked Joyeu up by the scruff of her neck and took off into the night.

Locations! "A Tour of the Kingdom"

(This is not finished. ^^ I'll definitely finish this soon... Maybe...)

The Labyrinth- A labyrinth that starts at a cave which is in the mines. There is a limit to how far into it you're allowed to go, since miners go to mine there. It's rich in different minerals and gems. It's origins are unknown.

The Ruins- The Ruins, is a strange old city that now lays in, well, ruins. They are said to be guarded by a giant winged mountain lion, who gives any trespasser a death penalty. The Ruins are not outside the Kingdom's border, and therefore within our border walls, but it is still forbidden to go there.

The Kingdom- The Kingdom consists of a large palace with an ancient city surrounding it. The city has a large wall around it with draw-bridge gates, and so animals may freely come and go as they please. These walls are less of walls, more of gates. The Kingdom has one other set of walls, which have a metal gate, which haven't been opened in centuries. This wall surrounds all of the land owned by the Kingdom, marking it's borders and preventing people from "leaving the safety of the kingdom's walls".

Laws of the Kingdom

(I decide to put these up here, just so it's out there. ^^ Breaking these laws affect your character, not you.)

1. The Royal Family may only learn but one language: the Language of all animals, as a symbol of unity. This is part of The Rule, and there are few exceptions.

2. You may not go into The Ruins, or The Labyrinth, it is dangerous, and going will encourage others to leave the safety of our walls to do so as well.

3. You may not steal, and violence is not permitted.

4. You may not speak out against the royal family, nor speak ill of them.

5. You may not leave the safety of the kingdom's walls.

6. You may not lie to, harm, or cheat the royal family. The punishment for this is a long sentence to prison, or even execution.

7. You are forbidden speak of "The World Beyond our Walls". It is a fairy tale, a legend, there is nothing but a vast wasteland beyond our walls.

Image/Character Description?: Tamashi is a Black snow leopard with cold seafoam eyes. He is very slim bodied, but has lots of fur, surprising people when he crawls through normally tight spaces with ease. He has a similar thing to Joyeu when it comes to his eyes; they may turn red. Red is once again, a warning of sorts.
Name: Tamashi
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Species: Snow leopard
Family: The Royal Family
Crush: Open, if they can catch his eye.
Mate: Open.
Skills: Can sneak around easily, squeeze through tight spaces, and he is fast a quick witted. He is averagely strong, and is a high jumper. He's never cared much for showing off, but being skilled in spying and getting out of tight situations, can maneuver around things and in the middle of jumps and such. He also has power over flames.
Disabilities? If so, please specify:
Other: He is the sibling of Gin and Joyeu.

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Image/Character Description?: (character in the pic. I don't own it) Blue tipped ears, indigo eyes, blue markings around her eyes and snow white fur
Name: Tamiki
Gender: female
Age: 14
Species: wolf
Family: Royal family
Crush: none
Mate: none
Skills: can alert anyone by her howl (it signals something isn't right) Snow powers
Other: She is psychic

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This is a story about a kingdom of animals. The creatures living inside ranged from the common dog, to the legendary dragon. The king, was a snow leopard, the queen, a wolf. They had three children. Their daughter, was, to say the least, rebellious. She was a fox. This was unusual, for foxes are only born, in this land at least, every 100 years to a random family. Therefore, a fox could be born into a family that has and only ever has had wolves born into it, exactly 100 years after the previous fox's death. As for the other two children, their names were Tamashi and Gin. Gin was a silver wolf, who was the second eldest child and had the brain of a two year old human (jokingly of course). Tamashi was an oddly black snow leopard, who was calm, collected, and the eldest child. Our story begins, in a state of crisis...

The kingdom was attacked. An army consisting of mostly large, carnivorous animals, with the exception of a few smaller carnivores. They were searching for the youngest child, the princess, who, while her real name is unknown to the public, was called by the kingdom, Joyeu.

(Image is not mine)

Characters you wish to be in the royal family must be approved. You may ask to play one of the characters I already spoke about in the intro, or who I make for people to randomly use.

Character Form (Just to help you if you don't want to make one yourself or can't. ^^ Also, you may add anything you want to this.) (A/N, on Image/Character Description, put either the link to an image, a character description, a yes saying you've added a picture to your post, or N/A, as in you don't know/will describe them piece by piece through role-playing.)

Image/Character Description?:
Disabilities? If so, please specify:

Image/Character Description?: A brown fox, with deep brown eyes that may change to yellow or red at certain times. Red is a type of warning.
Name: Unknown / Joyeu
Gender: Female
Age: (Due to the Aging Notice I put up) 11
Species: Fox
Family: The Royal Family
Crush: N/A
Mate: N/A
Skills: Unknown (Will be shown through role-playing)
Disabilities? If so, please specify: A messed up sense of smell (Can smell blood, other animals, and extremely strong scents)
Other: N/A

Character Aging Concerns:
Simply put what their age would be if they were human, since animal ages can differ greatly and it may become confusing at some point.
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