The group energies dance over the meta reality of space and time, our power roles merge with the roles of others, we form power relationships, this its called the Alchemical wedding, when two members of the group form a household. currently viewing the south position (also called the door) and the courier and their relationship blossoming up, its interesting because its already sending ripples across the oceans, the wedding of the pipes as in the catlinite pipe and the serpentine, is the coming together of the white and the red races, things are moving through the power portals of intent.

The group mind is a a phenomena that enables a group of people to enter a shared space, a hologram where all individuals can share abilities, but where the sum total is larger than the input, meaning people often find new skills and abilities none had before.

We refer to this as the tribal god, believing that in tribal society this was the emergence point of what we call gods, the consciousness of the tribe turned through the group mind into an entity.
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