New update available - v2.3 !

We are sorry for the inconvenience while the app was down. Google changed the way they make authentication requests. Everything is fixed and working now.

What's new in this version?

• iPad bug fix
• Fixed the Settings menu Buy button from being hidden
• Added a Rocket Ship icon that launches the Intelesque Map

Thank you for using GPS for Ingress. We're always making improvements and fixes to our app, bringing you updates to the App Store every few weeks.

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Have any of you purchaed "Player Tracker"...
It have been one of the things i like moste about the app.
But i have not had it lately, 8think after i re-installed my phone)
Are anyone aware of any issues with this function ?
Also if any of you other have it running, please just add a comment for me to know if it's just my phone/installation.

Unable to use since upgraded phone

Can't purchase addons

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Update V1.97.5 of @GPSforIngress is now available for update / download on the #Apple #AppStore. #Ingress
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It's official! GPS for Pokémon GO is now available for download for free on the Apple App Store!

I think you guys should do a GPS for Pokemon Go. You would definitely get a ton of downloads.

Hey! I love using GPS. Have a few of the add-ons. As for the rest; could we get some sort of write-up detailing a bit of what each one accomplishes? I can make guesses but I'd love some more info, I'll be more likely to pick up more!

First, great app, love it! Simple and efficient. Quick question: What does the button on the top right do (the one with the Ingress logo)? I tap on it and don't see anything really happening...
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