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okay so here is a clean Ghostfacers application.



Hate for Ghosts:

intern/ghostfacer/or Camera Operator:


are you a Winchester:

Okay guys listen up
We get alot of hate already
But if you have Winchester in your name or if you are in anyway related to those jerks
Then you gotta just stick to the Winchesterrrrrr↑ tab in the community
Kay bye

Guys dont hate us for hating Winchesters its an ongoing battle
Just stick to the lines of thr community

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Alright sorry to intrude but please stick to certian categorys please like really
only Ghostfacer related things
lets keep this place clean !

Also sorry me and Harry dont reply to everything we are pretty busy

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+Harry Spengler+Ed Zeddmore
+Cupid ™
and one more person ask please. Thank you!

Melony was walking home from the coffee shop. Since Corbett was sick she was doing runs for the boys. She stoped walking when she heard walking behind her and sighed Look, angel. I am not afraid to pull out my angel blade and strike.. alright? What do you wish to get from me?
sorry this sucks
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Name: Cassie. Goes by Melony

Age: umm 29.

Hobbies: annoy the Winchesters

Likes: Talking to Harry, tricking the Winchesters

Dislikes: The Winchesters

Skills: telekiness?

Bio: grew up with no mother raised by brother
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