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My faiverate waiorror mapleshade queen of dark forest XD

I have an OC
Sparrowstar leader of Riverclan
Sister Mistystar in Thunderclan
Had part of her rear right leg chewed off , near the paw, so bone is visible.
Still has a great fighting spirit

PEOPLE OF THIS COMMUNITY! Are you dead????????? Please answer truthfully.

(Closed for +Kitty claws A lot)
I patrol the boarder of Riverclan.

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(Ok people... Rp time!)
I crawl in the shadows near the river's edge.
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Name: Crystalstar
Clan: Thunder
Age: 20 moons
Gender: Female
Likes: Hunting
Dislikes: Fighting
Looks: A white cat with grey paws, ears, belly and tailtip

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Name: RiverLeaf
Age: 10 moons
Clan: Riverclan
Job: Warrior, scout, substitute medicine cat
Gender: Female
Likes: Four Trees Meetings
Dislikes: Battles and Hunting

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Daryl Dixon and Beth Green are my owners.
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yogurt yumm. 

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warrior cats roleplay requires the rules listed below:
say what you look like
kittypet or not
if kittypet what color and shape color
and those are the rules.
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