The amazing animators chapter 1

Person on tv: "Welcome to Earthina (err-thean-aah)
This place is filled with imagination
Hope you enjoy your stay because this place will give you a pencil but not just any kind its a pencil that will be able to bring drawings to life!!
That's all!
???:"a magic pencil? Hmmmm..."
Minion:"but-a sire! We cant invade another place! Remember what happened sir?"

Gamer:"you wont destroy anything anymore Evi-"
Evilo: "Ooooh trust me i
will come back"

Evilo throws a punch but Gamer dodges the punch, catches his arm and threw Evilo into the game core reactor as the lab shut down

Lab man 1: "what happened to the lab?!"
Lab man 2:"the core has shut down it will expl-"
Lets flash back to present time shall we?!
As the mysterious man turned he was black all over with a gray E on his shirt, he was known as Evilo
Evilo:"yeah but this time.... Heh heh we will take over the yellow one and turn him into something more! Hahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahah!!"
The minion started to laugh as their journey has only started......

To be continued

The amazing animators.
Chapter 2:the fun starts

Evilo came into the world and he looked around the place wondering how it was but then a man came up to him and said "hello welcome to CAPworld!!!" THEN THE DIRECTOR RAN OUT AND PUNCHED THE MAN IN THE FACE!!! WOW THE DIRECTOR IS SO MAD!!! OH NO HE IS THROWING CHAIRS AT THE ACTORS! !! OH NO HE IS. BEATING NATER UP!!! OH NO HE IS THROWING NEKO ACROSS THE ROOM!!! OH NO!!!!

Take 2


Take 3


Take 4

"Welcome to Earthina!! Now i need to see your ticket so i know if you had snuck i-"
Evilo tranquilized the man as evilo took his pencil and drew his lab as it came to life
Evilo:"vualla! Deh labisone is comaeplite!"
Minion:"thats not French nor Italian sir..."
Evilo:"dang! Well any ways lets go steal the yellow one!"
Minion"sir its not easy like tha-"
Evilo"you must do what i say!!"
Nater: "hey bro"
Nater:"why is everyone scared no-"
Evilo came in as he pulls out his tranquilizer gun
Nater got hit by evilo as he put on  core fists and started to hit evilo
Gamer:"watch out!"
Nater:"for wha-"
Gamer and nater was knocked out by the minion
Minion:"sir sneak behind them next time"
Evilo:"thank you"
Few minutes later
Evilo stabbed a needle into nater as he was knocked out
Nater woke up again as he was getting pulled into the core generator
Nater was getting brain washed as something happened.....
Nater lit on fire as the machine broke
Nater:"woah cool! Hehe!"
Evilo:"quick get him!"
Nater ran out as he crashed through the window
Neko saw what was happening as she continued to crawl through the vents but fell through
Evilo:"ooooh another one! Prepare the tests!"

Nater was falling as he hit the ground as he was stranded
Nater put on washed up gloves so he will not burn his hands again
Nater walked around as he found some boxes
Nater tapped the small one then shot the medium one with a gun then jumped on the large one
Neko ran as she was scared for her life
Evilo: "come back here!!!!!!"
Neko: "never!!!!!!!!"
Neko continued to run as boxes fell.
Neko quickly pulled out her gun as she shot a box launching it towards a box that fell making it crash through a wall and neko jumped through the hole

HUGE ANOUCEMENT! im back from georgia and me and my bro is making a story book of the amazing animators and im not gona be very active bc i have school ;-; but any ways hope you will love the story! :D

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Here tap :3


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Me and neko taking a picture during the solar eclipse!

I found internet so i will be on for a little bit i am making art right now of me and nekogamer soooooooo brb :D

Greatings i wont be on wifi for a few days im goin to georgia

Plz understand

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Hmmmmm how do i animate again
few seconds later
I made this video (the one below)
I think its horrible

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Yay! :)
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