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US debt accumulates to 20 trillion dollars under Obama administration. New president, John Walker, (D) sworn into office. Walker begins pulling troops out of Middle East.

All NATO forces are pulled out of the Middle East, what few where in Ukraine are also called back. North Korea collapses, as other communist countries begin to experience economic and political issues. By August, the Philippine islands all collapse. In December, Russia signs pact with China, branding them as allies.

With a newly formed alliance, Russia and China invade Middle East, Asia, and Europe. NATO forces pour into Europe. By the end of the year, Asia is under complete control of Russia and China, resistance holds up in Europe.

U.S. led bomber campaigns, supported by France, begin across China. In response, Russia cuts off it's pact with China, attacking the country. By July, China collapses, and Russia invades Asia. By December, Russia is in complete control of the continent. Japan collapses.

Northern Europe collapses, Russian economy begins to collapse. NATO forces are pulled from Europe, as American boarders begin to fail. US Army infantry are placed around both boarders, President Walker declares United States in isolation. Spain, Portugal collapse. France declares themselves in isolation.

Canada, Mexico, Central and South America collapse. Australia collapses, all of Asia collapses. United Kingdom and France attempt to bring United States out of isolation. Diplomacy succeeds, NATO begins to regain strength.

Hyperinflation causes NATO countries to collapse, as America, France, and England are plunged into anarchy

Anyone up for an rp? I'm super bored

Zombie apocalypse with mechs sound interesting to anyone?

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jason sat in an old run down house, he leaned back on an old wooden chair with his feet up on the table, he held on old black metal bottle, the paint had worn of in places but he could barely make out he words challenge yourself. he sighed and took a sip from the bottle and sat it on the table, he sat up and picked up his gun and check the safety

open come on guys lets try get this place going again
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Name- Christina Juliano
Nickname- Chrissy, CJ
Age- 18
Gender- Female
Weight- 130lb
Height- 5’4 ft
Hair Color- Brown
Eye Color- Hazel
Ethnicity- Italian (but was born in the States)
Weapons: (If you are not former military, I expect you to use civilian-grade firearms....)- Glock 19, folding knife, baseball bat
Skills- Strength, tumbling/acrobatic, flexible, Speaks some Italian, Fast
Alignment-Chaotic Neutral
Likes- Gymnastics (and practices often), Safety, Familia
Dislikes- Dishonest people, killers, uncertainty
Christina Juliano, or Chrissy as her friends called her, grew up in the slums of New York with her mamma, Aria Juliano, who wasn’t much of a mother at all. Her mamma was a hard working woman, always picking up extra shifts at the restaurant she worked at to put food on the table. Her papa was nonexistent in her life and she doesn’t talk about him. She lived in a small apartment and went to school but had always wanted to get out. Aria had felt bad about not being there for her daughter so she decided to put Chrissy in gymnastics when she was 8 to help occupy her attention and keep her out of trouble.

Christina grew very skilled in the sport and stayed enrolled until she was 16 and her mother lost her job. After Aria was laid off, Chrissy had to quit gymnastics and drop out of school so she could find a job to help pay the bills. She found a job that allowed them to barely get by.

A few weeks after the United States officially fell into anarchy, Chrissy and Aria were out on a quick supply run when they were separated amid the chaos. Christina looked around frantically to her mother, eventually finding her a few days later in an alley, beaten and dead. She quickly ran home gathered what few, essential things she had, including clothes, a Glock 19 along with ammo, a knife, a bat, a water bottle, money and a duffle to put it all in and left the apartment, hoping to find somewhere better to stay.
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RP with me on the hangouts app

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Spartan 223 name gorge age 44 year born in 2543 hone planet earth here to rescue all surviors

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((Open rp no need to ask just join please!))

She was trying to walk back to her apartment after the apocalypse happened as she heard you walking and turned around pointing a gun in your face
Tell me who you are a d you won't get killed..

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Name: Elizabeth Jackson
Bio: before the apocalypse happened she was just your average Emo girl who worked at a tattoo parlor... Now that the explosion happened and the apocalypse happened she is a killing machine. She lost everyone in her family.
Weapons she uses in case someone attacks: Katana, Guns, and knives

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