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the Egg carrier passes over the kingdom, banking and stopping over the garden, however unlike the eggman empire, this one has different markings, a dragon has taken the place of the eggman face
Name: Junko Enoshima Robotnik
Gender: female
Age: 17
Race: human, Manakette variant
Important Relationships
Birth parent: +Ventuswill Selephia 
Adoptive Parents: +Ivo Robotnik +Crystal Robotnik 
girlfriend/lover: +Mikan Tsumiki 
Siblings: +Ray Robotnik 
other family: +Alice Shaibuya Glory (great aunt) +Shadow the Hedgehog☯ (great uncle) +Bio Ark (great uncle)  +Betsy Delphox (cousin) +Sonic the Hedgehog "Glory"  (uncle/great uncle)
personality: (with mikan) upbeat happy, protective, loving (without) depressive, loner, rarely makes eye contact
Likes: +Mikan Tsumiki    and her family, protecting the ones she loves, her pokemon partners
Dislikes: losing her family, losing +Mikan Tsumiki    her beloved
Powers: Rune magic (polar opposite to chaos energy, she can burn those she touches if not wearing gloves, while she can be burned by chaos energy), wind magic (from her mother the native dragon of wind)
Skills: hacking, pokemon battling, bending each of native dragon's powers to her will, transforming into a dragon (with a dragon stone and having found what her dragon form looks like)
Bio: The adopted Daughter of the eggman, Junko is actually the child of the native dragon ventuswill, she hates having lost her mother in the dark world, however after having met +Mikan Tsumiki   she's changed immensely, she's far more upbeat. However she is now on the hunt for something of her mothers, something related to her past and something she plans to use if she crosses paths with +Junko Enoshima   her arch rival. She's also the current guardian of Metropolis until things settle down there with the havoc Cipher has been causing. She's here investigating reports of ghosts, partly for her studies an if any can be used as weapons, to keep them out of the hands of +Ivo Robotnik 
Team Mates: +Trainer Michael +Anbu Orimasu +Solo Mu (team rebellion) +Makoto Naegi +Mikan Tsumiki (team future foundation)
Pokemon: +Emolga "Lucy Enoshima"  and +Umbreon D.  also lily enoshima (buneary) and yoko the gardevoir, and +Digit Lynx (as ranger partner)
Theme: Leave me alone - Nocturneal rites, Gamma unchained, I'm not the breakman, I want to be the one to watch you die - the megas
Appearance: school girl outfit (normal) ranger clothes (pokemon trainer uniform) white dress (formal clothes)
Enemies: +Spectra Von Drago (Evil Chris (dangan ronpa variant)) and +Junko Enoshima 
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