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Ok So it's Happening! I got my License. I was called today to take in Child a Boy, 17 months old with some need for special care.( Not to much some PT and OT). I am doing this for the first time to social worker said they had some TEAM meeting to do. So I am sittine here waiting house ready.
Can anyone tell me what to expect?

Just 2 days into the summer break and we are getting "I'm bored, what can I do" So this afternoon at low tide we're of to a nice cove about 45 mins drive away for some rock pool dipping and fossil hunting only another 42 days left to find things to do :o)

My heart hurts for those children that are now almost adults and have suffered abuse then rejection after rejection in the foster care system.  Foster Parents need to understand that these children come with some sort of trauma, heartbreak and rejection (or many other things).  It's our job as foster parents to stop that cycle, not continue it.  There is no such thing as a perfect child - and no one should expect that the child being placed with them will not need your help to heal.  Not all foster parents should be foster parents.  And for those that put their hearts and life in for these kids, I commend you!      

I have been working with children that have been diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.  I am so overwhelmed with the effects of alcohol on the fetus.  The teens that I have are so behind in life and had been brushed along just to get to the next day or the next family.   I followed the Dr. recommendations to have them tested but went about getting approvals incorrectly.  I felt like I was fighting with attorneys, social workers and bio parents for what was best for the child.  My persistence, so far, has triumphed for my children.   Ultimately, the diagnosis has given me the ability or the "label" to help one of the kids.  The child is in the correct single class setting and enjoys school for the first time in his 13 years of life.  He said he feels smart now.  Yes, I did have a few tears......  DSHS is so political to me and has no heart, or at least it seems that way.  Fortunately, I have some pretty strong social workers that support me as far as they can and still remain within the rules.  There is not a lot of training out there.  The training I have found is so intense but it's given me some great new tools that really work to help my sibling set of 3 feel accomplished and encouraged.  I have the pleasure to learn their disabilities with them as they grow, so do I.      

OMG! OMG! OMG! It's really happening! OMG! I just got a letter from the placement coordinator.... I am not approved but they are contacting me to introduce themselves!!!! That Must mean that We are veeerrrrry Close!!!!!!!

What motivated you to become a foster parent.  I would love to read your story.  

I just wanted to personally express my gratitude for those who take in children and raise them as their own. It's probably one of the most difficult things to do. So difficult no one in my own family would take my brothers and me into their homes. The work you do is a blessing to the world and you do not receive enough recognition!

Good Morning Everyone.  Summer activities for the kids are right around the corner and school will be out for summer in about a month for most.  Are there any topics that any of you would like to chat about around keeping kids busy for the summer.

Topic:  Organization between work, kids and personal time.

Things definitely seem to easily get out of control much quicker since I have been a foster parent.  I am not only managing my life but managing 5 other kids and 2 other adults.  

I have tried so many things to keep it all moving forward - Smoothly.  

I tried which is a family calender.  That would have been good but it takes the other 4 people that have the program loaded on their phones to actually use it.  That was scrapped.  

I use outlook for my work email which is on my laptop, iPhone (work) and my personal cell phone.  I have found this to be Perfect in organizing me and those I am responsible for.  

I can't possibly remember everyone's appointments, activities, schedules, school activities, on and on and on.  . .. . . 

I have learned that I will never make a commitment to anything without first looking at my calendar.  Once I note the date and brief details on my outlook calendar I will go back to it later to fill in the missing pieces.  

At times, I have to take documents to an appointment or need materials.  If I have the documents but have not filled them out I have a red folder that is my "To Do" stuff.

Those items are noted in the calendar details once booked.  I have a traveling case that holds my laptop and a few files.  In these files are many dividers/sections labeled.  One that I use the most is called "Events".  This folder is labeled in sections by month.  Once I have documents ready for an appointment they are placed in this folder by date within the month.  My calendar will trigger me to go to that folder when needed.  Works great.   

Every night of the week I set 9pm (after kids go to bed) for myself until I decide to fall asleep.  This is my wind down, thinking and sometimes not thinking at all time.  LOL  

What things do you do to keep organized?
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