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Derrick Henry
Running back

stroking his long beard as he sat cross legged on the piece of drift wood  now, this could be a problem....stretching out  a hand he swipped at the sea gull that was attempting to pluck the kelp that was tied to the raft.  The entire raft was made of several large pieces of logs that were bound together by the kelp harvested from the sea floor.  using his sword, which now lay in the scabbard at his side, he had been able to cut quite a bit of the green stuff away before the birds had massed.

Yes, this is going to be wonderful....plucking at the end of his black and grey beard he scanned along the horizon before him, not noticing that many of the birds were leaving the area.  Twisting around to see behind him he could see two large ships firing on one another, both of them coming on fast towards his position in the water.  Taking a deep breath he slipped over the side of the raft and into the water just as the bow of one of the ships smashed into the raft, slowing the larger vessel by a fraction that allowed a large cannonball to miss the mast.

((Open RP, you can be a sailor on either of the ships in battle or something else, have fun with it and I would like someone that is descriptive.  Thank you))

hums a little while I work on setting the table, listening for the front door to the house as the school day is almost over.  Knowing that it's the last day of the school year I've prepared a special dinner and even set out some candles should you want to stick around beofre going off with your friends.

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